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Little Friends Photo - Underwater Dogs

Sunday's Swim Report - The Utimate Swimming Drill - On One Knee

Lane 1 - International Business Times posts "Michael Phelps London 2012: All Grown Up and Ready for his Last Olympics? [PHOTOS]  Michael Phelps may only be 26, but in the Olympic swimming world, he's a veteran.  As the record holder for the most gold medals won in a single Olympics (eight at the 2008 Beijing games, when he was only 23), and the winner of 16 Olympic medals in total, Phelps is gearing up for what will most likely be his last Olympics: London 2012."

Lane 2 - The Sydney Morning Herald posts "Rice takes boost from NSW swim champs.  Stephanie Rice completed a confidence-boosting return from injury with a second placing in the women's 200m individual medley final at the NSW championships in Sydney on Sunday night."

Lane 3 - WaPo has "Maryland extends fundraising deadline for swimming and diving boosters to spare teams’ elimination.  Maryland athletic department officials have reached a compromise with the group leading the drive to prevent the Terrapins men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams from being eliminated. While it’s no assurance the teams will be spared, it gives boosters more time to raise the $11.57 million that the university says is required for them to do so."

Lane 4 - ESPN posts "Matt Grevers proposes on medal stand.  Talk about pressure to perform. For Matt Grevers, a top finish in the 100-meter backstroke Saturday night at the Missouri Grand Prix was a virtual necessity to pull off a surprise medal-stand marriage proposal to his girlfriend and USA national swimming teammate, Annie Chandler."

Lane 5 - NINE-MSN posts "Swimmer Monk moving on from big fib.  Swimmer Kenrick Monk accepts he'll probably always cop flak for being that guy who lied about falling off a skateboard.  But the 24-year-old freestyler insists he's learned from the incident and has become a better man as a result."

Lane 6 - 9 News "Aussie swimmers struggling with form"

Lane 7 - The Daily Telegraph posts "Simon Cowley questions Australian Swimming and the AOC over the handling of Nick D'Arcy.  SIMON Cowley has written a letter of protest to Swimming Australia demanding to know why controversial swimmer Nick D'Arcy has never faced their disciplinary committee.  And Cowley's lawyer has also questioned the integrity of Swimming Australia by allowing "pork chops" to swim at the Olympics.  Cowley said he is not trying to influence Swimming Australia or the AOC, but he wants to be sure they will conduct proper process in regards to D'Arcy's behaviour before he is allowed to compete at the London Olympics."

Lane 8 - The Sydney Morning Herald posts "Happy father Huegill concentrating on the pool.  Athletes are often quick to thank their families for the sacrifices they also make during an Olympic campaign, and the man who started the current spate of comebacks in Australian swimming, Geoff Huegill, made a point of giving his a special mention this morning at the NSW State Championships."


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