Wednesday April 4 on the Dr. Phi Show: On Top of the World and Self-Destructive
Tuesday's Swim Report - Now Hiring Mermaids!

A Quick, Very Short Workout.

A little swim is better then no swim.  I think.  Since the pool doesn't open to 7am (today 6:47am) I have to have a short workout.  Gotta get home to leave for work by 8:20 at the very latest.  At least that is for now on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  It may change again and again.  So the coach preparred a workout for me knowing my time limits. 5526732991x500 (did it my usual 200 swim / 100 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/ paddles.

1x300 w/ fins (swim/kick/pull/build) (300/800)

Main Set:

2x200's on 3

2x150's on 2:15

2x100's on 1:30

2nd one faster.  I did that.  Umm...forgot what I actually did but yeah I was faster on the 2nd one.  I was in panic mode about the time the whole swim.  Wondering if I had time to swim and get home.  I'm paranoid about being late for work. (900/1700)

I messed up the 50's.  I so misread the set.

3 Rounds -

50 Fly/Back on 50

50 Fly/Breast on 55

50 Fly/Free on 50

So the first round I thought it was switches so I did fly/back, back/breast, breast/free.  The 2nd round I messed up again but something different that I can remember.  I did the last round correctly. (450/2150)

So 2150 yards if I added right. 


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