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Friday's Swim Report - The Color of Sport

Friday Is The New Wednesday

I had planned on swimming on Wednesday morning before heading into work but I was so beat.  I needed that extra hour sleep.  So I skipped swimming on Wednesday.  After work I was still beat.  I tried napping but that didn't work.  Then of course Thursday I had to be in at work at 5am.  OY!  So I've been out of the water since Tuesday.  Two day's isn't that bad but boy does getting back get harder and harder everytime. 

When I attived at the pool the coach gave me a copy of the workout I was to do on Wednesday but gave me a longer warm up since I didn't have to run to work right away.

Warm Up

Mixed 500

6x50's Breathing every 3 on 55 (300/800)

1x300 w/fins catchup drill (300/1100)

Warm up was a challenge for me.  I wanted to call it a day and just go home.  With all the spinning I do I should have super legs with super speed.  But instead I was tired. 

Main Set:

6x150's on 2:30 50 Catch up / 50 Pace / 50 Fast (900/2000)

Still struggling and getting bored.  Since I had my own lane and workout I was getting bored.  I started to drift into dreamtime.  Enjoying the pink puffy clouds roll by as the sun slowly came up.  Well they clouds were pink via my pink goggle lenses.

8x50's on 60 50 easy / 50 fast (400/2400)

Not all that fast.  In fact some of my easier ones seemed a bit faster.  Must have been the fins.  Since I'm teaching spinning I'm getting less upper body weight training in and I think that also played a roll in my weakness today in swimming.  I felt that my pull had no omph or strength.  Going to do Group Power (weight training cardio class) today.  Gotta get into that class at least 3 times a week.  Right now I just go Monday and Friday and that isn't doing enough for me.  But I did teach 7 spinning classes last week and 5 this week.  Gonna have killer legs! Gotosofar
Still behind in my Go The Distance goal pace.  But look I'm almost at 25%. 2012
I really gotta get my ass in the water more.  Might hafta be good and get up tomorrow and swim.  Swim Saturday and Sunday.  Gotta do it.  Grrr...wanna sleep in.  Internal battle rages on.


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