Garrett Weber-Gale Dead Lifts
Tuesday's Swim Report - An Invisible Swim Suit

Getting Back On Track

This last week I've eaten very unhealthy food including lots of sugars and boy did my body react badly yesterday.  But I'm back on track eating better starting yesterday.  Well I did eat some candy.  But today I'm gonna be better.  With that said I did get a quick swim in the morning.  Don't have much time since I gotta be at work in a few.

Warm Up

500 (200 pull w/o paddles / 300 pull w/paddles) 500

4x100's 25 1 Finger Drill (think fist drill but one finger extended) / 50 Kick / 25 Swim all with fins. 400/900

400 1 Finger Drill again for the 1st 25 of each 100. 400/1300

Notice a theme so far.  1 Finger!  We (the coach and i) are working on my catch and pull.  Making sure I'm "over the barrel" in my catch and pull. 

5x100's on 1:40 1 Fingr Drill for 1st 25 of each 100 500/1800

4x50's on 60 with paddles easy/fast 200/2000

2,000 yard workout that was a smart workout working on what I need to think about when I swim.


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