Go The Distance - The Big 50
ASICS - Sink Or Sprint Test

Jumping Back In The Pool

Wahoo...swim time.  Gotta love getting in any swim time at all. 

1x500 Warm Up

1x3000 Kick Mixed w/ fins (300/800)

Set 1 -

2x200's Free on 3

2x200's Back on 3:20

2x200's Fly/Free by 25 on 3:20

Ouchie!  The first two 200's were a struggle.  My body was stiff and sore from weight training (Group Power) yesterday.  We had a new release yesterday and it just killed me.  My lats. triceps and thighs were so sore.  It was a stuggle.  The 200's back were okay.  Nothing earth shattering fast and lots of sloppy strokes.  Now the fly/free felt good.  For the most part the fly felt smooth and natural.  My timing seemed good for the most part.  I'd mess up every so often but regain my stroke.  (1200/2000)

Set 2 -

6x100's IM Reverse on 1:40.  For whatever reason these were tough.  I had no speed and was stuggling.  God I'm outta shape.  Being reverse IM order I was stuggling with the butterfly.  (600/2600)

Now I was running out of time so I only got to do 4x50's Pull w/ Padddles on 50 breathing every 3.  (200/2800)

I could have maybe done the 4 additional ones but time and my body just ran out.  The damn Aqua Fit folks started to take over the deck including turning off the radio.  Now I don't like the music on the radio but get pissy at these folks taking over at 7:45 which is 5 minutes before we are to empty the pool.  One of the aqua chicks was using the courtesy phone to call the staff to take the lane lines out.  

Oh well.  My next time in the pool won't be to at least Friday.  Working at 5am the next two mornings.  Grrr!  Today isn't so bad 11am and then I teach spinning at 5:45pm.  Tomorrow 5am and then teach at noon.  Thursday is 5am and then teach at 5:45pm.  I get a 3 hour break before teaching but it's not much.  Long days.  Hopefully I can wake up to swim on Friday. Gtdsf
I really gotta pick up my swimming.


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