Swim Out
Sunday's Hoof Stomp (Formerly Sunday's Swim Report) - Making This Site 20% Cooler!

Making My Sunday Swim 20% Cooler

Less Swim.  More Ponies! 9086 - applejack fluttershy my_little_pony_friendship_is_magic pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity tagme twilight_sparkle
Sunday's Swim Workout -Part One

Warm Up
200 Swim
200 Pull
200 Kick
4x50's on 55 Swim (800)

Main Set -
1x600 9:30
2x300 4:15
3x200 2:45
6x100 1:30  (2400/3200)

For the main set I wrote down my times but since the paper is wet I can't read the ink.  When it dries later I'll update this post.  I did take a break between the 200's and the 100's but not between the 600/300 and 200.  From what I can see my 2x300's I did both of them on 3:45 and my 200's on 2:27/2:28/2:28.    My 600 on 7:45.  My 100's I was 1:10/1:15/1:12 and then I can't read the paper still.  I sorta remember 14's.  Oh well.  Now that was Part One which was on my own.  So let's make this lame workout 20% cooler! Atg21_displayThe swim gang started to show up so I started to re-warm up.  100 IM Swim / 200 IM Kick / 4x50's easy free.  (500/3700)

4x100's 2 - kick / 2 drill/swim.  I did 350 yards due to a pee break (4050)

Main Set:

4x50's/200/400/200/4s50's (1200/5250)  I did these sorta-IM.  The 450x' fly/back, back/breast, breast/free and free.  The 200 was IM.  While the 400 was 100 IM / 100 Reverse IM and repeat.  I forgot the intervals but I was having plenty of rest. 

For some reason I miscounted in my head and thought I was only at 4750 yards.  So I swam 5x50's winding myself down.  (250/5500)

So 5,500 yard swim.  Good for me!  JoinTheHerd
I haven't been able to swim as much as I like due to work but have had plenty of time to join the Herd of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic show I've decided to post about Ponies!  Yup, the Daily Swim Report will be the Daily Hoof Stomp!  No more Ryan Lochte but all Fluttershy!  Posting swim workouts are okay but I need to make this site 20% cooler  Any only Ponies can do that!


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