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Sunday's Swim Report - The Magnificent Swimnificent Forties

"Not Much Of A Swimmer, Are You?"

"Not Much Of A Swimmer, Are You?"  That is the question that floats in my head these days.  It's April 22nd and I've only swam 8 times this month.  I only swam once last week!  Yeah, I'm spinning and lifting and all that but really what happened to my swimming?
Well with that in mind I decided I had to swim this morning.  I went to bed sorta early for me but ended up tossing and turning.  This morning I hit the snooze button for 45 minutes before getting up.  I went on my computer and pulled a workout from April 16th, 2010.  I modified it a bit and yet I still failed in doing it.

Warm Up
200 Swim
200 Pull
200 Kick IM (600)

Main Set:
200 IM on 3
50 easy on 60
4x25's fly on 30
50 easy on 60
2x100's back on 1:40
50 easy on 60
4x25's fly on 30
50 easy on 60
4x50's back on 60
50 easy on 60
4x50's fky on 1:10
50 easy on 60
8x25's back on 30
50 easy on 60
and then the big FAIL!
I had 8x25's fly planned but on the first one I felt some fatigue/pain so I stopped about 10 meters of the first 25.  Got out and took a pee break.  Tried it again after some rest and got to about 20 meters.  I just gave up and switched to free to make it a 100 warm down.  So this set which was to be 1,800 yards was only 1,650 yards.

1,650+600=2,250 yard swim.  Jeezz, I'm out of swim shape. My goal this week is to swim at least 10,000 yards!  I need to get back in the GTD Game... 10kWell now it's time to eat, rest and hit the gym!


Once again it depends on the pool and the time of day. They are lap swims that are squeezed in between other pool time slots. But it's usually anywhere between 1-2 hours. Even at my "free" lap swim pool I'm limited by other activities including water volleyball social hours and aqua fit classes.

Oh, I've forgotten to ask! When you pay $3-6 how long can you swim? Are you limited in time?

Thank you!

I do pay and I don't. I am in a unique bubble in which we pay amenities for various services which includes access to lap pools (25 yards.) When I use to swim with a team our monthly dues covered the pool rental. When I did have to pay for access to swim at a pool I'd pay anywhere from $3.00 - $6.00 per swim. Different pools charge different fees.

Do you pay for meeting a swimming pool? How much does one visit cost in your city? By the way where do you live?

(In Moscow ~ $10-13)

Good luck!

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