Saturday Loaf'er Workout
Be Like Jebus! Inflatable Mat Lets You Walk On Water.

Saturday's Swim Report - Good Looking As Gold

385614_m21Lane 1 - posts a slideshow "Through The Years: Natalie Coughlin."

Lane 2 - Mail Online posts "Make way for family of German swim star and their Olympian camper van after they shun expensive hotels.  he parents of German swimming star Sina Sutter attracted much attention last week after saying they were driving to the Olympics and would stay in their camper van rather than pay for an expensive hotel.  The couple took out an advert in a newspaper asking for a parking space near the Aquatic Centre so that they could be close to their 21-year-old daughter’s endeavors."

Lane 3 -The Signal posts "Adults hit the water in regional.  27 locals among nearly 300 competitors.  The Santa Clarita Aquatic Center will host the U.S. Masters Southwest Zone and Southern Pacific Masters Association Short Course Yards Regional Championship Meet today and Sunday beginning at 8 a.m. both days.  The event will feature swimmers aged 18 to 89, with athletes from 39 swimming clubs registered to compete in 37 events."

Lane 4 - WREX posts (w/video) "New Rockford foundation helps children learn to swim.  The drowning death of her son sparks a Rockford mother to start a new foundation to make sure all children learn to swim. Operation All Swim is a non-profit that will help those who can't afford swimming lessons.  Lori Gould teamed up with Swim-n-More, located in the Millennium Center, 220 S. Madison St., Rockford, not just to teach kids how to swim, but survival skills if they get in trouble in the water."

476603-chris-mccormackLane 5 - Adelaide Now posts "Ironman Chris McCormack has iron will.  IAN Thorpe didn't make it. Neither did Geoff Huegill nor Michael Klim.  But the last member of the "Old Boys' club" is still standing and ready to up the ante in his quest to race at the London Olympics.  Fitter, lean and stronger than ever, multiple world ironman champion Chris McCormack still believes he can pull off his comeback to Olympic distance triathlon and has adopted a "Hawaii ironman" preparation to ensure he is in top shape for today's opener of the world series in Sydney."

Lane 6 - The Marines posts "Reconnaissance Marines conduct pre-dive training.   Most Marines would think swimming all day would be a relaxing way to spend their time. Some may prefer to be drenched in water from a pool rather than drenched in sweat, after a training session.   After a grueling two-week training package consisting of open-water swims with gear, hundreds of laps in a pool and being physically bound while swimming, Marines with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion were Getthumbnail.aspxsoaked in both water and sweat.  During the pre-dive training, the Marines were required to perform a 2,000-yard open-water swim in less than one hour while wearing their utility uniform, scuba fins, life vest, tactical board for navigation, combat knife,  snorkel mask and a six-pound belt.  After completing the open water swim, the Marines completed a special operations command screener, requiring them to swim with their hands and feet bound together.  The Marines also had to tread water for five minutes while wearing two-scuba tanks, scuba fins, life vest, snorkel and an 18-pound belt, said Ritchie."

Lane 7 - Live Science posts "Fossils Show Surprising Life of Ancient Swimming Mollusks."

Lane 8 - Washington Post has "Carl Edwards disputes ex-girlfriend Amanda Beard’s claim that he was controlling, jealous.  Carl Edwards said he “absolutely” disputes claims by Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard that the NASCAR driver was controlling and jealous during their yearlong relationship.  Edwards said Friday he was surprised by what his former girlfriend wrote in her 256-page memoir, including about a dozen pages about their time together."


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