Saturday's Swim Report - Good Looking As Gold

Saturday Loaf'er Workout

Boy am I hit or miss when it comes to swimming lately.  Just have to squeze in any time to get in the water.  I'd normally skip swimming on Saturday but with work and all I've been out of the water too much this week.  The workout via instagram 05c19728862911e18bb812313804a181_7
Warm Up 1x500 Loosen.  Did a 200 Swim/ 100 Pull w/o paddles / 200 Pull w/ Paddles

4x50's Kick with fins Fly/Back or Free with 15 seconds rest (200/700)

Set I -

4x100's Descend For Pace on 1:40.  I did a 22, 21, 20 and 08.  Yeah I was shocked that I really managed a 1 second descend for three 100's in a row.  It was a fluke! (400/1100)

400 Fast on 6:00.  Shit.  Forgot my pace and time.  I had about 40 seconds rest if memory serves me wll which it doesn't but let's say a 5:20 so around a 1:20 pace. (400/800/1500)

3x100's Descend From #4 on 1:40.  I did a 14, 12 and a 8.  Not great but okay. (300/1100/1800)

300 FAST on 4:30.  Shit.  I need to write these done as I do them.  Grrr...I was around a 3:40ish.  I know that but can't remember exactly.  (300/1400/2100)

Rest a bit...pee break.

Set II -

4x50's Descend on 50 (200/2200)

1x200 FAST on 3:00 (200/300/2400)

2x50's on 50 2nd one faster (100/400/2800)

1x100 FAST.  (100/500/2900)

Set two was swum with paddles.  I was in the low 2:20's for my 200.  I must have gotten my 200 split in my 300 cuz' in my head I told myself I had already done a 2:25 and needed to beat that.  As for my 100 it was a 1:06.  Not great but I was fatigued.  It's so much easier to loaf it and let fatigue determine my pace when I'm all alone.  Everyone left before me.  Don't get me wrong I worked the second set hard but I think if I had someone with me I would have pushed harder.  I really need that competitiion to come out in me.  Having someone 5 seconds behind me chomping on my feet makes me faster.

Did a 50 warm down and got out   So 2,950 yards in 50 minutes.  Yeah, I know I need to warm down more.  I tell my spinning class the importance of warming down but yet in swimming I just wanna get out.  Do as I say... Gtd_sa
I so gotta stop thinking or worrying about my goal for Go The Distance.  It'll balance out over time.  Work will settle down then get crazy and I'll adapt my swimming to it.   MonthI'm not that far off from past months of past years.  High 30's - low 40's is about average for me.  Just gotta not have those morning sleep in days or go after I work in the morning.  These are the few times I wish the gym had a pool.  But then I think gym pool and think YUCK, NO THANK YOU!


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