Sunday's Hoof Stomp (Formerly Sunday's Swim Report) - Making This Site 20% Cooler!
RMR: Rick and Olympic Swimmers

Sunday's Swim Report - Let's Get Back To The Pool

The Swim Report IS BACK!  Happy April Fools!  Back to swimming news...

Lane 1 - CBS13 posts (w/video) "Lack Of Vision Doesn’t Stop Young Swimmer.  A born swimmer, the first grader began taking lessons at sixteen months old. At about the age of two, he was swimming freestyle across the pool and he kind of shocked everybody.  You would never know by looking at him, but Jeffrey is legally blind. He was born with a rare genetic eye condition. He has no color vision whatsoever.  So things, many of us take for granted, are difficult for Jeffrey."

Ipad-art-wide-S-20date-420x0Lane 2 - Brisbane Times posts "Ian Thorpe was shattered at missing out on the team for the 2012 London Olympics but the 29-year-old was all smiles when promoting his Fountain of Youth Charity last week. Kate Waterhouse caught up with the swimming great."

Lane 3 - Inside The Games posts "British swim star signs with three60 Sports Management ahead of London 2012.  Joe Roebuck, the only male swimmer to qualify for three events at the London 2012 Olympics, has signed with three60 Sports following his superb performances at the British Gas Swimming Championships staged at the Aquatics Centre on the Olympic Park last month.  The 26-year-old from Rotherham was the most successful British male swimmer at the Championships, which also acted as the London 2012 swimming test event, where he secured gold in both the 200 metres butterfly and 200m individual medley as well as a silver medal in the 400m individual medley."

Lane 4 - The Daily Telegraph posts "James Magnussen tours London's Olympic pool.  AMES Magnussen hasn't been allowed to test the waters of London's Olympic pool yet, but he has 797169-magnussalready set foot atop the fastest qualifier's lane four starting block.  That's where, if all goes according to plan and he stays that half a second in front of the rest of the world, Magnussen will start the August 1 100m freestyle final.  The Missile last week had the opportunity to tour the aquatic centre for this year's Games - it's a sneak preview he'll put to good use in the remaining three months.  "It can be hard for me to picture the race itself, I always just try to picture the outcome and keep positive thoughts about that outcome," Magnussen said."

Lane 5 - Sport24 posts "Road to London: Cameron vd Burgh.  In the third in a series of Q 'n A style interviews with South African sportsmen and women ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Graeme Joffe chats to South African swimming sensation, Cameron van der Burgh."

Lane 6 - Huffpost Miami posts "Verso Performance: Miami's Synchronized Swimming Show VersoTeam.  magine a cocktail party in a revamped Wynwood warehouse, a satellite soiree during Art Basel. At one point, the house lights dim and women dive into a narrow pool in the floor.  Donned in bathing caps and Esther Williams-style suits, the swimmers dip, jump, and flip in synch. This is Verso, Miami's very own synchronized swimming show team.  They've performed at experimental art shows in the Design District, art fairs during Art Basel Miami Beach, and in Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week shows."

Lane 7 - WA Today posts "Shark fears could affect triathlons.  Organisers of a national triathlon competition for students in Busselton this week are re-assessing their plans for an ocean swim section following the weekend's fatal shark attack in the area.  Father-of-two Peter Kurmann died on Saturday afternoon after being mauled by a shark - believed to be a great white - while diving about one nautical mile off shore, south of Stratham Beach."

Lane 8 - Winnipeg Free Press looks at "Swim team not allowed to race in 1980 due to boycott honoured at Olympic trials.  Szmidt, Smith and Thompson are one of several athletes featured in a new book "Shattered Hopes: Canada's Boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games" by Sheila Hurtig Robertson.  The book includes athletes, coaches and decision-makers across several sports recounting their experiences in 1980. The swim team was poised to bring home multiple medals from Moscow.  "This team is part of Canadian swimming's history, a story that really hasn't been told or really didn't get a chance to unfold," Thompson said."

Pony Tidbit - A few hours of Pony News drew more hits to this site then a months worth of swimming news. 


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"A few hours of Pony News drew more hits to this site then a month's worth of swimming news" - a somewhat sad but not entirely unexpected result given the small niche competitive sports has in our society. But the real question, at least in my mind, is how a grown man comes to learn about the Little Pony phenomenon? Just what sort of websites do you peruse in your leisure hours 17thman?

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