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Swimming With Wild Animals

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda...that is my morning in a nutshell.  It's Sunday my day to swim extra long and extra hard.  But laziness kept me away from that.  I hit snooze one too many times and took it easy after walking the dog.  So intead of getting to the pool at 7:30 I arrived at 8am.  So I didn't get much extra swim in. 

Typical Warm Up - 200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o Paddles / 200 Pull w/ Paddles.  Then 200 kick.  (700)

10x50's Pulling w/Paddles on 55 alternating by 50 breathing every 3 then 5 (500/1200)

Then well I was attacked by killer ducks!

Was going to do 12x50's stroke IM but on my 3rd one I duck came swimming in my lane right when I was swimming breastroke into the wall.  The damn duck decided to jump in and swim in front of me.  DONE!  That did it!  Swim mates started to arrive at this point so my chatter and goofiness started to kick in.  I did some pulling and swimming for about 500 yards.  (500/1700)

We then did 4x50's Kick / 4x50's Drill/Swim (400/2100)

8x125's 25 Catch Up then paced for a 75 and sprint the last 25.  Forgot the interval.  During the kick set is when I did something to my knee.  Twisted the wrong way.  Had a sharp pain on one side of my knee like I strained something.  (1000/3100)  So I pulled these.  Just had to do something to keep going. 

So 3,100 yard workout.  I guess something is better then nothing.  I really wanted to go on a run later today since it's predicted to be somewhat cooler today.  But with my knee that isn't going to happen.  I'll be just watching tv on the couch all day!   Oh and I do consider ducks to be wild animals!  Rutoh


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