How to win a 50-meter freestyle every time
Tuesday's Swim Report - Sonified!

Eye Of A Blind Tiger. Spirit Of A Road Kill Squirrel!

Oh it's pancake day!  Happy May Day!  The fifth month of the year.  Time to get serious about those long forgotten New Years Resolutions.  Lots of things to get fired up about and start a new.  Or at least I'm going to try and think that way as I've been out of the water so much in the month of April.  It's been 8 days since my last swim but today I was back in the water. 

Warm Up

200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o paddles / 200 Pull w/  paddles.  Slowest warm up ever.  (500) 

4x100's 2 - Kick on 2:15 2 - Swim/Kick/Pull/Build on 2:00 (400/900) can I be so out of shape?  I think I was pretty bad to begin with then April came then the last week hit.  So today it was hurting.  Oy!

Main Set -

4 Rounds (was to be 6 but no way today)

200 on 3 minutes

100 Pace on 1:40

Descending the 200's.  I did a 2:48, 2:43, 2:36 and 2:33.  Yeah you read that right.  Oy, I'm slow.  Back two years ago 2:30 would have been a slow interval for a set for me now it's my time when I'm trying to work it.  (1200/2100)

6x50's on 60 Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free (300/2400)

So 2,400 yards in about 52 minutes of water time.  That includes a pee break and chatting time.  I do plan on swimming more in May then in April.  I do have a week that I may have to skip swimming for 6 days but maybe I'll just get in some easy lap swim time to keep wet.  But I've been spinning and weight training so my cross training is great! Downscale
I may have to downscale my 300 Mile swim goal for 2012.  I'm now 20 miles behind my goal pace for the year.  My goal for the month of May is to swim another 30,225 yards to get to 100 miles!  I'll be back in the water on Thursday and Friday of this week. 

Oh one more thing.  Adding in a Rearview Mirror Swimming post to this one.  Since I didn't swim much I dont' want to do a post just for April.  So here are my totals by month so far for 2012... April
Wowser.  That is like my worst month ever since 2005!


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