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Dropin' It Like It's Fast, For An Old Man

My third day of swimming this week and sadly for the month.  I will be settling into a new work schedule so I'll be able to have "set" days to swim again.  But that is about two to three weeks away yet.  So for now I'll just swim when I can.  Which should be almost every day but Monday's.  Of course I need a day or two off for recovery.  I did take Thursday off from swimming after swimming two consecutive days.  I'm getting old so those recovery days are getting more important.  But of course I did teach a spinning class last night and did weight training yesterday.  So not a full recovery day.  I had Monday for that and will take Sunday off.  Which means swimming and weight training on Saturday.  We'll see how that goes.  As for today...

Warm Up:

150 Swim / 150 Pull w/o Paddles / 100 Pull w/ Paddles / 300 Kick w/ Fins (700)

Then it was jump right into the Main Set:

100/200/300/ 400 PULL / 300/200/100

Faster going back down.  So boy was I slow at first.  Still warming up my 100 was a 1:26, then my 200 was a 1:46 and my 300 was a 4:02.  Oh I was on a 1:30 based interval so 1:30/3:00/4:30.  My 400 was easy pull and did it on 1:30 base plus 30 so 6:30.  Going down was a bit faster.  Phew.  My 300 was a 3:52, my 200 was a 2:26 and my 100 was a 1:05.  Big drops!  Which was sorta the design of the set.  It was just odd that my drops were 10 seconds, 20 seconds and well a bit better then 20 seconds being 21.  It was almost too neat on paper that I had planned it.  But it's just the way it was.  (1600/2300)

So overall it wasn't so bad with a 2,300 yard swim. 


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