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I Hate Tuesday Mornings! But Still Wake Up To Swim, Go Figure.

My new normal routine is slowly setting in.  It's going to change but I'm slowly setting into that change this week.  Sunday was day one of the new normal with me swimming on my own before going into work.  Monday is a no swim day but I'll be teaching a weight training class at 5:45am, a spinning class at 8:15am then work from 2-8pm on the fitness floor.  Tuesday and Thursday I don't have to do anything to 5:45pm and that's my spinning class.  So in the next few weeks I'll be joining the swim team and swim at 9 or 10am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.  Wednesday's I teach the weight training class at 5:45am and spinning at 12pm.  Well see if I get in a swim in the afternoon.  I doubt it.  Friday I only teach at 5:45am but work on the fitness floor from 2-6pm.  It'll be nice to settle into a routine and stay that way for at least a month or so.  Since today is a Tuesday it was a swim morning for me.

Warm Up
Mixed 500 (swimming and pulling)
200 Kick
Then I was to do 2x100's but some swimmers came late and on Tuesday & Thursday we only have 4 swim lanes so we had to move around.  So I just swam a mixed stop and go 200.  Once we settled into lanes I was ready for my main set.

Main Set
5 Rounds
200 Free on 2:00
50 Free Pace on 60
50 Free Spring on 60
The 200's were to be descended.  I did the first three rounds continuous.  Then took a minute break after round 3 and 4.  My last 200 I was down to a 2:21.  Trying to remember I think I did a 51, 46, 43, 36 and then a 2:21.  From my memory those are the numbers coming up.  (1500/2400)

Then I was suppose to swim some 50 switches but chatting took over and then swim time was over.  So I only did 2,400 yards.  The water temp was 84F which to me is too hot.  Unfortunately it's only going to get hotter.  OY! Mth_swim 300
Don't think I'll ever catch up to my USMS Go The Distance Goal of 300 Miles this year.  I know I'll break 200 but 300 seems so out of reach right now.  If only, if only, if only...


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