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Thursday's Swim Report - I’ve lit the fuse and I will never lose

It's The Sunblock, Stupid!

Back to swimming.  Today was the first day of me being really back to swimming.  I finally made the plunge and joined a local swim team.  Since my work schedule has firmed up and settled a bit I decided I could actually make workouts.  The team is broken into two groups with one being a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 10am workout.  For the first time I'm actually able to make those swims so I decided to join.  The workout is about 75 minutes long but I only swam 60 minutes today.  I didn't have enough sunblock on.  Not use to swimming during the day.  The coach pulled me out before I was toast.

Warm Up
400 Mixed
200 Kick (200/600)
4x75's on 1:30 Kick/Swim/Kick (300/900)
500 250 Catch Up / 250 Swim.  I took off my fins at the 250 mark. (500/1400)

Main Set - 3 Rounds
5x100's on 1:30
Round One was easy/fast/easy/fast/easy by 100.  (1:19/1:17)
Round Two was descending starting at the same time from the previous fast 100 in round one.  (16,14,14,13 and 10)
Round Three was hold pace from fastest 100.  (I was 1:10, 1:10, 1:09, 1:09, high 1:08) (1500/2900)

Then a warm down 3x100's IM.  Pull/Kick/Swim (300/2200)

So 2,200 yards. The turnout in the faster lanes today was light so we split the lane.  So I didn't have anyone at my toes to push me a bit more.  But that is okay as I was dogging it.  I was tired but most of all it's odd to swim so late in the morning.  I'm use to waking up and hitting the pool.  I also gotta go out and buy a gallon of sunblock. Gothedi
Hopefully having a set swim time will get me swimming again.  No more hitting snooze and think to myself "i'll swim tomorrow".


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