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Wow finally a day to swim!  The last two weeks I had to put swimming on hold due to work.  Now I love work since it's Spinning (Group Power,)  One week I taught 16 Spinning Classes and 2 Boot Camp Classes.  Last week which was week two wasn't so bad with only 8 classes Mon - Thursday.  But since they were at 8:15 or 9:30am I just couldn't swim.  Pool opens at 7 and most days it's booked all day with activities.  I know, I could have swim a quick short workout before teaching but I was afriad to push myself too much.  So that is my story for not swimming.  Well most of it.  Before I get to the rest on to this mornings swim...

Oh wait, one more thing.  I went to bed early last night but then my phone rang at 11:58.  Damn It!  Was able to get back to bed.  Then up at 5am since I was on call for possibly working this morning at opening.  Luckily I didn't have to go in but when I went back to bed after recieving a text at 5:15 that I was clear well I forgot to set my alarm for 6:15.  I didn't wake up to 6:50.  So I got to the pool a bit after 7.  Everyone was already swimming.  I had to jump from lane to lane and do a modified easy workout.

5x100's Free warm up on 1:50.  Oy, I was slow and sore!

Then I moved to the slow lane and swam with them.

2 Rounds

100 IM (did it on 2 mins)

100 Breast

50 Fly/Back

50 Breast / Free

Cuz' I was ahead of them I did the last 2x50's again with them.  So 1,200 yards so far.  I then did a 100 easy pull to warm down.  1,300 yard workout.  But that was great.  I haven't been swimming and I did a 3 Day Group Power (weight training) Instructor Training this weekend.  Every muscle in my body is sore.  I woke up yesterday feeling like a truck hit me.  But I did teach spinning at 8:15am and felt better.  I really thought I'd jump in the water and feel great.  But I didn't!  This easy workout was a challenge. June
So I haven't been swimming.  Once this month so far.  My goal if work doesn't get in the way is to swim Wed, Thur and Fri.  If I miss one or more of those days then I'll swim Saturday.  I need to get back in the swim of things.  Gotta figure how to balance work and swimming.  Monday's I teach at 8:15 so morning swims are not happening and then I work 2-8 on the Fitness Floor.  It looks like I'll be picking up another shift on the floor starting next week if not this week.  So that'll be another day of no swimming.  Luckily for now all my other classes are later in the day.  Either way I'll figure it out.  Ytd
As for my YTD Go The Distance I'm way way behind.  But I got half a year to catch up.  Plus if I don't it's not the end of the world.  It'll give me a benchmark for 2013.  Not being able to swim in the mornings made me jealous of the facility that the training was at with it's pool.  They had a therapy pool, a kiddie pool and a lap pool.  They keep the pool at 82F which is warm but would be great to jump in for a swim before classes and shifts.  Wish we had a pool at my gym.  Of course dont' hold me to that as I hate most gym pools.  Since they are at 82F and above!

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