VISA - Home Pool
BP Team USA - Meet Rebecca Soni, Swimmer

Sunday Morning Easy 40 Minute Swim

10x50's 40/45/50/55/60
10x100's 1:20/1:30/1:40/1:50/2:00

Back in the pool.  I'm regretting taking over a Sunday work shift as now I gotta get up early on a Sunday morning and go swimming.  Not that I have a life outside of the gym and/or pool.  But still.  Oh well, September will be here and I'll be off on Sundays. 

Last night I went to bed early and got a good nights sleep in.  I was tired from my weight training earlier in the day.  Still it was a bit rough getting out of bed.  Before heading to the pool I jotted down a quick workout to swim.  Figured I needed to keep it under 45 minutes and if possible closer to 30 minutes.  That way I would have time to relax over breakfast after swimming before heading to work.

Mixed 500 (200 Swim / 100 Pull w/o Paddles / 100 Pull w/Paddles / 100 IM)

10x50's Pulling w/ Paddles Free - 2 on 60 / 2 on 55 / 2 on 50 / 2 on 45 / 2 on 40 (which was really just one off the clock on 40) (500/1000)

I had in my mind that I'd swim 10x100's like above but on 2/1:50/1:40/1:30/1:20.  But that got old quickly.  I ended up swimming -

6x100's Free on 2/1:50/1:40 (600/1600)
2x100's IM on 1:45 (200/1800)
4x50's Fast Freestyle on 45 (200/2000)

The workout was about 40 minutes long when I was done.  2,000 yards is better then not swimming.  Swimming alone is so not motivating. SundayMotivation is key for a lazy person like myself.  I need people to push me.  The last 18 months or so I've been swimming with a rag tag bunch of swimmers.  Not a team but just the coach from the senior citizen / retired folk team and a few of the swimmers who can't make that teams workout for one reason or another.  So usually I'm given a workout and I just do it.  Well since starting in July my work schedule will be changing I'll actually be able to swim with that team on a regular basis.  At least for July!  Who knows what will happen come August.  It'll be nice to have people 5 seconds behind me to push me.  Yeah, some of these swimmers are 20 years older but they are still damn fast.  Hopefully that'll be enough motivation to push me.


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