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Swimming In The Slow Poke Lane

Pace, my favorite word in swimming.  Well maybe after PULLING!  This morning's workout was about finding my pace.

1x500 Loosen (200 swim / 300 pull)
4x100's w/ fins 25Drill / 50Kick / 25Swim (400/900)

5x100's For Pace on 1:30
Rest 1 Minute
1000 Even Split.  Use the 100's to set your sustainable pace.

So my 100's were okay starting with a 1:20 for the first two then around a 1:17 for the rest.  Now I took 90 seconds rest to square up the clock.  My first hundred in the 1,000 I was on a 1:20 pace then I hunkered down to a 1:19 pace.  My 500 split was a 6:35.  Now I was then down to 1:18's for a bit towards the end coming in on 13:01 for my 1,000 making my split a 6:26.   (1500/2400)

I then did an easy 100 to bring up the yardage to 2,500.

Looking back at a workout from 2009 in which I swam a 800 for pace I am a full minute slower today!  Holy Slowpoke, Batman!  This is not a good thing.  I gotta get my act together! JuneI guess at the very least I'm still swimming.


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