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Tuesday's Swim Report - Swim Today, Cash Tomorrow!

Lane 1 - Baltimore Sun posts "Mom gets slice of Michael Phelps' new Subway ad.  The only one coming out of the 2008 Olympics with anything close to Michael Phelps' star power was his mother, Debbie Phelps.  Heading into this summer's London Olympics, it remains to be seen what Michael Phelps will do. But his mom's still got it, as evidenced by a new Subway ad that just started airing this week."

Lane 2 - Gawker posts "Stephen Colbert Isn’t a Fan of North Carolina’s Climate Change Truth Senator_aquamanSmudging." A few cute swimming puns made it worthwhile.

Lane 3 - posts "Janet Evans, 40, Is Back In Pool For Olympic Splash."

Lane 4 - SF Gate posts "Coughlin swimming with dolphins, against time.  Natalie Coughlin might not be a heavy favorite to three-peat as an Olympic champion in London next month. She's almost 30, and the kids she inspired for the past decade grew up and are coming to get her.  But Coughlin is dangerous. She has friends in deep places."

Lane 5 - Reuters posts "Olympics-Confident Magnussen ready for step up to global fame.  Australian sprint swimmer James Magnussen looks set to take the step up from national renown to global fame at the London Olympics, and he certainly has the confidence to deal with it.  Tall, with the typically chiselled physique of a swimmer, it is the 21-year-old world champion's overwhelming, frequently articulated, confidence that first strikes you about him outside the pool."

OB-TF298_park_D_20120604045306Lane 6 - WSJ posts "2012 Olympic Profile: Swimmer Park Tae-hwan.  South Korea’s swimming superstar Park Tae-hwan seems to be turbo-charged and ready for the 2012 London Olympics.  Suffering asthma as a little boy, Park’s doctor recommended that he take up swimming. His aquatic talents soon began to shine. The youngster swept domestic swimming tournaments, setting one new Korean record after another. In 2004, he was picked to join the national team for the Athens Olympics as the youngest athlete on the squad.  But his first Olympic moment was short-lived as he was disqualified for a false start during the preliminaries for the 400 freestyle. Embarrassed and devastated, he spent two hours sitting in the toilet, crying, he told media later.  The painful memory appeared to make him stronger."

Lane 7 - USA Swimming posts via youtube "Summer Sanders SwimToday.  USA Swimming, Speedo USA and two-time Olympic gold medalist Summer Sanders will join forces this summer to help grow participation in swimming as part of a new, national swimming campaign called SwimToday, now live at"

Lane 8 - SF Gate posts "Dara Torres Challenges The Public To Live Better.  Five-time Olympian and 12-time Olympic Games medalist Dara Torres challenges the public to a fitness contest. On behalf of GoodChime!, Torres joins the Champions of Health program to promote awareness of living a healthy lifestyle for both kids and adults.  "I'm excited to use social media through GoodChime! to encourage both kids and adults to be active," said Torres. "It's a large part of my life and hope that others can utilize fitness to live a happier and healthier life as well."


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