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Ryan Lochte's Most Innovative Workout: Box Jump - Nissan: Innovation for Endurance

To build speed and power, try this full-body plyometric move, led by world-record-holding swimmer Ryan Lochte's strength and conditioning coach, Matt Delancey. It will build strength in your upper body, core, and legs. Keep your core tight as you do the move for 6 sets of 3 reps each, jumping up onto a box about 40 inches high (start lower and progress if you need to). You can add a medicine ball (30 to 40 pounds) to do medicine ball slams, for more of a challenge (slam the ball as you jump and then catch it). This adds "chaos" to the mix so you'll continue to see gains.

For more innovations in running, cycling, and fitness, join the Nissan Innovation for Endurance community on Facebook, where you can enter to win one of our weekly prizes or an all-new Nissan car!


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