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Visa Olympics London 2012: Michael Phelps Outside of the Pool #VisaGoWorld #spon

Wednesday's Swim Report - Gators Chomping For Gold

Lane 1 - Mail Online posts "Decking out the dive! UK swimming hope Rebecca Adlington furnishes her Olympic Village bedroom with Team GB paper-chains.  She's moved into her tiny Olympic Village bedroom and is getting used to her miniature bed, reportedly only 5ft 8in long.  So UK swimming hope Rebecca Adlington, 5ft 10in, is doing everything she can to make her digs feel like home, even hanging Team GB paper-chains all over her walls."

Lane 2 - Nine News Queensland post via youtube "Australian Swim Team Land In Manchester For Olympics Training and Preparations.  Australia's Olympic swimming hopefuls have moved one step closer to London, setting up camp in Manchester."

Lane 3 - Forbes posts "Subway's Partnership With Michael Phelps Brings The Brand Large-Scale Exposure.  Since 2006, Subway has partnered with athletes to promote the brand.  In seeking out “Famous Fans,” Subway looks for athletes who possess not only talent and popularity, but also a genuine love of the brand and what it stands for.  After signing a partnership agreement with Subway’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Pace, on 60 Minutes in the fall of 2008, Phelps has been recognized as a Subway “Famous Fan.

Lane 4 - The Grio posts (w/video) "Kids learn how to swim at Michael Phelps Foundation.  When you think of Michael Phelps, you probably think of gold medal moments in the Olympics. But for some residents of Broward County, that name means something more personal. Thanks to the Michael Phelps Foundation at the Boys and Girls Club, kids can dive into a future in the pool. “I love coming to swimming, because we have fun and we learn how to swim,” Terrelle Gay said."

1342454680_ryan-467Lane 5 - US Weekly posts "Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte's Rise to Fame.  Michael Phelps may have been untouchable during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, but this time around, Ryan Lochte is here to give the gold medalist some stiff competition.  "I think overall, I'm just a lot older, smarter, and a better athlete than I was going into Beijing," Lochte, 27, tells Us Weekly, who swam four events at the Games and took home two gold (one earned as a group) and two bronze. "I changed my diet and I started doing heavier weight lifting."

Lane 6 - The Florida Times-Union posts "Gators going for more gold in London.  UF has star power in Lochte, Wambach among 35 athletes competing in Summer Olympics.  The University of Florida’s all-time Olympic medal count will likely hit triple digits during the Summer Games in London.  Exactly 91 medals have been claimed by UF athletes, and the Gators appear to have a strong contingent again as the games begin July 27."

Lane 7 - NY Times posts "Drowning in Features, a Watch for the Pool.  Swim training in a pool takes enough concentration without trying to keep track of your laps and statistics.  Garmin’s new fitness watch, the Swim, is made specifically for use in a pool and is designed to automatically log laps, tell what strokes were used on each lap, and record pace, distance and calories burned. In a test, though, the watch didn’t quite turn in a gold-medal performance.   I tried swimming freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke laps, but the watch registered them all as freestyle. On one lap it recorded backstroke, only on that one I was swimming freestyle. The 16gw-watch-articleInlineinstructions say good, steady strokes are required for an accurate reading, and while Michael Phelps has nothing to fear from me, I’m surprised the watch could not tell the difference between my breaststroke and backstroke. The company said that when the former Olympian Misty Hyman tried it last week, the recording was faultless."  I'm no Misty so I can wait to play with it since I have purchased this for myself and waiting for the FedEx truck to arrive with it.

Lane 8 - SI posts "Pellegrini goes to London in pursuit of perfection.  When Federica Pellegrini trots her statuesque 5-foot-10 frame around the pool deck at the London Olympics, it might be tough for her to keep track of past and present.  The standout Italian swimmer has changed coaches enough times to line each corner of the pool, then there's her ex-boyfriend and still teammate Luca Marin, her current boyfriend and teammate Filippo Magnini, plus her many competitors.  But it's the one person missing that has defined Pellegrini's career over the past three years.  Since her beloved coach Alberto Castagnetti died suddenly in October 2009 following heart surgery, Pellegrini has struggled to replace a man she often referred to as a "second father.''


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