Visa Olympics London 2012: Michael Phelps "Coolest Competition Memory" #VisaGoWorld #spon
Nike: Find Your Greatness. — Waterpolo

Wednesday's Swim Report - Phelps, Lochte and The Battle For Bronze

Lane 1 - Herald Sun posts "James Magnussen faces the press as Michael Phelps takes to Twitter.  JAMES Magnussen yesterday proved himself the riveting face of Australia's 410-strong Olympics quest yet it only took the arrival of Michael Phelps on a flight from his training camp in France to compute who is still the global superstar of London."

Lane 2 - nine posts (w/video) "Kobe Bryant praises Aussie swim team.  Kobe Bryant has told his 13 million Facebook fans his visit to the Australian Olympic swimming team last week was "a great opportunity and honour".  He said of Stephanie Rice: "I was lucky ... I had the chance to see the best in the world prepare and she is FOCUSED."

Lane 3 - nine posts (w/video) "Controversy over Leisel 'fat' comments.  Australian athletes have come out in defence of swimmer Leisel Jones after a Melbourne newspaper ran a poll asking readers if they thought she was fit enough to swim."

Pg-64-battling-bronze-adidaLane 4 - The Independent posts "James Goddard: Battling for swimming bronze after Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.  Having three all-time greats ahead of him has hindered the athlete but a medal is in reach this time, he tells Robin Scott-Elliot."

Lane 5 - Chicago Tribune posts "Grevers come from family of coaches.  U.S. Olympic swimmer punched ticket to London with help from them."

Lane 6 - posts "Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones aiming for gold and to leave a legacy.  ones will be here in London this week, putting a lifetime of training to the test in a magnificent aquatics center shaped like a giant sting ray. And, like the other 529 athletes on Team USA, he wants to be standing on the medal stand when “The Star-Spangled Banner” plays.  But this is more than a chance to win another gold medal for Jones, who was part of the 4x100 freestyle relay team that contributed to Michael Phelps’ eight-gold haul in Beijing four years ago. This is, he said, “a chance to leave my footprint,” and he knows he might not get another this good."

Lane 7 - WSJ Japan Real Time posts "With the London Olympics fast upon us, JRT introduces the athletes who will represent Japan at the 2012 Summer Games. Come back for JRT’s weekly profiles of the Olympians.  Kanako Watanabe Events: 200-meter breaststroke."

Lane 8 - LA Times posts "Is technological doping the strongest force in the Olympics?  2008 was a banner year for swimmers: That year, swimmers broke 105 world records in all, including 17 at a single event in Croatia.  The short history of the LZR Racer is but one example of the effect of technological development on sports."


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