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Saturday's Swim Report - Swimming For Over 360 Years*

1100 Yards And Calling It Quits

I got three minutes to get this posted before I have to shower and get ready for work.  Since I'm working a slew of mornings I dont' have much time to swim.  This morning I need to leave home at 8am to teach two back2back spinning classes before I work the fitness floor for an afternoon shift.  So I got to the pool this morning and got in a warm up swim. Sat
I swam a 200, pulled a 200 w/o paddles and pulled a 100 w/ paddles.  Don't ask me about the 25.  I dont' know why the watch says that. 

I then did 10x50's Pulling w/ Paddles.  I did 2 on 60 / 2 on 55 / 2 on 50 / 4 on 45

Then a 100 drill/swim.

And that was it. 20 Minute Swim Workout and 1,100 yards.  Sat_gtdInch by yard I'm getting to my 150 Mile Mark.  13,350 yards to go!  I'll do it this month.  Out of the pool I actually ran for the first time in ages yesterday LINK.  Now I"m a bit sore.  Both from weight training and running.  Oh well!  I gotta run more!  Hopefully I can try to put in 10 miles this month.  I know not much but with everything else it's a start.  Oh well time's up and now I got 27 minutes to get ready for work.


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