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147.02 Swimming Miles!

It's Tuesday and that means swimming!  Well it means teaching spinning at 5:45am then swim at 10am.  Today's workout was a tough one.  Well considering my lack of swimming it was tough.  Luckily the water was perfect.  All this rain we've been having really cooled the water off to a bearable temperature. TueswimI messed up a few times hitting the button on my Garmin Swim but in general the graphic above is the workout.  That first 100 yards was putting in the lane lines.  The 350 yards was swimming during warm up.  Although that doesn't seem right.  Maybe add that 175 wait that hasta be a 200.  Don't ask me what those 200's were.  I guess kicking and something else.  So we got 100+350+200+200+200=1050 was various warm up stuff. 

4x200's were up next.  200sLet's see it was 1st one breathing every 3, 2nd one the 1st 150 every 3, 34d one the 1st 100 every 3 and finally the last one only the 1st 50 every 3.  I think the interval was 3 minutes.  (800/1850)

6x150's were next. 150sThey were 25 Breathing every 5, 50 Catch Up, 50 Build - on 2 minutes then 25 FAST on 45.  (800/2650)

Some kicking I did 250. (3000)
6x50's something (300/3300)
50 something else (50/3350)
Umm…then 3 Rounds 4x25's on 40 Catchup, Kick, Build, Sprint (300/3650)

That was it.  Hopefully my math is right or at least it's close enough.  CathcingSo I'm getting to my 150 Mile Goal.  Only 5,250 yards to go.  It looks as if now I'll be able to swim tomorrow and Thursday.  I may squeeze one more on Friday.  So my goal looks locked in!  I'm debating to revise down again my yearly goal. 


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