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Tuesday's Swim Report - Australian National Lampoon's European Vacation

A Little Swim Is Almost Better Than No Swimming

Today is my day off so I get to go swimming!  For the rest of the month I have today and the 28th off.  The next time I can swim is Sunday.  Which really really sucks.  The next few mornings my work day starts at 7:15am so no swim before work.  Thursday I'm done at noon so I could do a lap swim on my own in the afternoon if we are not having thundershowers but lap swim is at 3pm so I doubt it'll be non-thundering out by then.  Next Tuesday I can swim as I don't work till 2pm.  Wahoo!  Oh do I?  I can't remember if I gotta teach a 9:30 class that day or not.  Guess I'll find out tomorrow.  As for today's swim…

It's my day to do the lane lines so I got in a pre-workout swim.  OH wait I think I lost all of today's swim data!  It uploaded from my Garmin Shit Swim Watch online but it's not appearing online or on my watch anymore.  Great!  So let's see…
Lostworkout100 Pre-Swim / 450 Warm Up.

Then 200 Kick I guess. 
Something something something something…

6x125's Free on something.  All pace.  My pace for the 100's was something.  Actually the first 2 was about a 1:14, then the next 2 was a 1:13 then did a 1:12 and a 1:11.  These were the 100's of the 125's. 

Then we did something, something and something else.

8x50's Specialty stroke.  I did 6 Fly, then one easy and last one Fly again. 

Then some other stuff. 
Some 25's.

Looking at my watch I do remember the total being 3,250 yards.  Whatever it was that we swam.  Maybe the workout which went somewhere will magically make it to the internet.  I was having an internet connection problem so it might be lost.

It wasn't much of a workout anyways.  The water is super hot so we are doing drill stuff.  I was getting a bit frustrated in the drills.  After our kick we did another kick set.  Some 50's which were kick/swim.  I wasn't using fins so I went last and had little rest.  Which was okay as it got my heart rate up.  But then we did Drill/Kick/Drill/Drill stuff before the 125's.  I almost got lapped in the 300 drilling/kicking thing.  Then I led the lane for the 125's.  Later on when we did more kicking I took it as an opportunity for a pee break and then some time to float and work on my speedo tan line. Tues_gtdWith all that behind me let's look ahead.  15,550 yards to go for August to make my 150 Mile Mark!  Looking at my work cal' I think I can get in three coached workouts so that's like 9,000 yards and then a few lap swims on my on.  So it's doable.  I'll be also praying for cooler weather in September and free Sunday's from work so I can get in some distance.  Got my 2nd Open Water Swim in October.  Last year for the 1st time I did an open water and just did a 1K.  This year I'm going for the 2.5K.  Not too bad but it is open water swimming.  No black lines to follow and lot's of moving living little thingies to share the water with.  YUCK!


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