David Boudia cheers for the "fastest woman in the water" - Team USA teammate Jessica Long. #visagoworld #spon
Thursday's Swim Report - Mutha F'in Snakes In This Mutha F'n Pool

Bad Swim Habits Never Die They Just Multiply

Bad Swim Habits Never Die They Just Multiply.  That sums up my swimming skills of late.  You take some of my old bad habits and add a whole slew of new bad habits and you got my new swimming.  I feel like I'm going to need to be deprogrammed in a few months when I go back home.   As for today... WrongLet's start with warm up which I'm guessing was a 500 and not a 525 yard.  The Garmin Swim made 2 mistakes on it's own today like that without any help from me and my bumbling.  (500)

That 350 is about right.  It was 4x100's something something kick minus a pee break.  (350/850)

Hmm…325 something.  Oh wait that was a 300.  Kick/Right Arm/Left Arm/Catch UP.  Or something like that.  (300/1150)

6x150's Alternating Stroke/Free by 25 on oh shit…I forgot.  The Garmin Swim didn't always get that I was doing stroke.  I alternated between fly and back.  (900/2050)

These were 50's.  4x50's Fly/Free on 60, 4x50's Back on 60. 4x50's Breast on 1:10 (600/2650)

6x100's Pulling w/Paddles breathing every 3 on 1:400.  6x100's=600 not 575 Garmin Swim. (600/3250)

Then more drilling/cool down.  (600/3850)

So that was it.  I will admit that I'm trying harder to clean up my stroke but it's harder and harder every time.  With work I have a hard time getting to a regular routine with swimming.  Then on days like today I teach spinning before I head to swim practice.  I'm beat before I get to swim.  I love spinning but I love swimming more. GrrrrrSince I decided to sleep in on Wednesday I gotta swim one more time still this month.  I'm 1,400 yards away from swimming 150 Miles YTD.  I'd rather sleep in again but I gotta at least try since I'm so close. 
UPDATE:  Well I gotta teach spinning at 9:30am so I'm going to try and swim before hand.  Might just swim 1,400 yards and get out!  Just to make it.  Now I'm really kicking myself for not swimming yesterday!


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