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Better Wet Then Never - Swim Workout

Work sometimes gets in the way of swimming.  This week I'm filling in at various classes and shifts at work so swimming has taken a back seat.  The good news is that I'm doing crazy cardio teaching 7 spin classes in two days.  I got three more today!   Monday I taught the 7am, 8:15am and 9:30am.  Then I worked in the fitness area to 8pm.  Then on Tuesday I taught the 5:45am, 8am, 9:30am and 20:45am and then the fitness area to 8pm.  Long long days.  So today since I don't have to teach to 9:30am I decided to wake up and go swimming.  Yeah, dumb me.  I only swam basically a warm up.  900 Yards. 12450I'm still inching or yarding towards my goal to get to 150 miles YTD before the end of this month.  Looks like a sure thing has turned to an iffy thing.  I don't know how much swimming I'll be able to get in.  Hopefully next week I'll get some more swims in.  I may even get a swim in this afternoon.  Today is the annual high school versus "old folks" relay day.  Us old folks compete in fun relays against the kids.  It's sorta a warm up practice me for the kids to kick off the swim season.  But with the weather the mock meet may not happen.  But at least I got 3 spin classes of cardio to teach today.  Today is 9:30 then 12 then go swimming with the kids at 3:30 and back to teach spin at 6:30.  So swimming is a side note and running is a noshow.  Hopefully I'll get a run in sometime Sunday.  That is if we don't get the hurricane.


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