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On Your Mark, Get Set...Oh Wait, Time Is Up Workout.

Another morning of hitting snooze and not running.  Since I'm not teaching spinning today I thought I'd get in an early morning run.  But nope.  Just didn't have it in me.  I hit snooze and snooze.  I did get up and at least get a quick swim in.  I gotta leave for work at 8am today so I didn't have much time to swim, get dressed and eat breakfast.  So I had about 20-25 minutes to swim.  SwimtimeSo I warmed up a 400.  It was 200 swim then 200 pulling w/o paddles.

6x50's Pulling w/ Paddles breathing every 3 on 55.

4x50's Swim on 45

Rest and extra 30 seconds

4x50's Swim on 45

That was it.  Time to go!

At least I got in 1,100 yards in.  I'd like to swim after 3 today but I doubt that will happen.  It's summer so that means afternoon thunder showers.  GtdauEvery yard counts.  I am now 14,450 yards away from my 150 mile marker!  YEAH!  But next week with work it'll be a few mornings like today and that's it.  I'll be teaching some extra classes and filling in on some other shifts.  So some day's I'll be at work almost all day.  Don't expect much posted workouts or anything around here. 


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