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One Last Swim, Rearview Mirror and 150 Long Miles All Done With

This morning's 30 minute swim took me to my goal of swimming 150 Miles YTD!  Gtdytd150.34 Miles swum!  I barely made it!  Of course some of it was by design.  I swam today just enough to push me over.  I got to teach spinning at 9:30am today so I swam as much as I could in as little time as possible. 2000Warmed Up a 400 then one set of 1,600 yards.  That did it.  The main set was as follows - 1600set4x50's on 50

4x300's Descending on 4:30

4x50's on 50 

There was more to the set then just swim.  I did it as best as I could. SwimMy last 4x50's I used them to cool down.  Skipped the 3x100's and 6x50's.  Gotta eat, dress and get to work.  I'll try this workout again soon.  My next swim should be Sunday.  I'm going to skip tomorrow.  Need a recovery day.  Then swim in theory a longer workout on Sunday. YtdtotFor the month I swam 37,100 yards.  Which ain't bad.  I'm swimming more which is a good think.  In October I'm doing a 2.5K Open Water so I need to build up endurance.  Plus I really think I should be swimming at least 35K yards a month.  Just to keep my swimming endurance levels up.  And with that another month ends.  Goodbye August!


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