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Quick Swim In Between Marathon Spinning

It'sThursday!  TGIT!  My long week is almost over.  Not really but sorta.  Been working a lot this week.  On Monday I taught 3 spinning classes and worked a regular work shift, Tuesday I taught 3 spinning classes and worked a regular work shift, Wednesday I only taught 3 spinning classes and today I taught 2 spinning classes and worked a full work shift.  OY!  Today my first class was at 5:45.  So when I was done I headed over to a pool nearby to swim.  Didn't swim much.  They didn't even have a time clock but I got in and swam. Thursday_haciendaI swam for 30 minutes.  The water was hot and the pool was shallow.  But it's better then nothing.  So lets' see I swam 1,550 yards.   Mind you I am so tired right now so my math might be wrong.  Hell knows how I'm typing right now.  Thur_gtdNow we didn't have our fun mock meet with the high school yesterday due to rain!  Booo!  So that only brings me with 10,900 yards to go for this month to meet my 150 mile mark.  Now I could swim tomorrow am but I'm not.  I'm not teaching or working out.  Taking a recovery day.  I figure I'll do an easy quick swim on Saturday before my class, another one on Sunday then I should have 2 good 3,000+ yard workouts during the week.  So that is about 8,000 yards.  I'll just hafta swim on Wednesday and Thursday next week in the morning.  We normally do about 2,000 yards at 7am in the lap swim.  So that should do it! 

As for work most weeks will not be like this week.  I will have 7 spinning classes a week of my own.  Which I'm happy for.  I love spinning (or Group Ride.)  But they are spread out.  This week I was filling in all over the place with vacations and stuff going on.  It was fun at times but leaving home at 4:30am and getting home at 8:30pm sorta sucks!  Don't want to do that every week!  But I'm excited to have 2 more classes a week and made a new personal commitment time wise to hang around in Florida a bit more.  Scuttlebutting my plans from just less then a week ago.  Oh well!  I guess I'll be in staying in America's Wang a little longer then planned. 


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