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Saturday's Swim Report - The Next Wave Of Swimmers Target London

Spin, Spin, Work, Work, Spin, Work, Swim. Less Time To Swim Again.

It's Sa

3x1turday!  Wahoo!  Well not so much wahoo.  But I did take Friday off as a recovery day.  NO swimming, NO spinning, NO weights or anything else.  Just a day.  So I figured I'd get up today and swim before my 10am spinning class.  I also work a short shift at the gym itself from 12-5.  Not too bad.  So I headed to the pool arriving a bit late since that snooze button was too tempting. SatThe workout was a total of 2,000 yards.  Not by design but it just sorta went into my thoughts as I changed up the workout.  Warm up was easy 300 easy then 200 pull with paddles.  Then the main set.  Saturday mornings are hit or miss on who shows up.  In the morning the coach is swimming himself Another_100but gives workouts to folks.  He gave a set to some of his lane mates but I adjusted it a bit to my liking.  I was way over by myself so it didn't make a difference.  It was 3x100's/3x200's/3x100's going faster the 2nd half of the set.  Due to my lack of match skills I changed it up.

3x100's Free on 1:45

2x200's Free on 3:15

2x200's Free on 3:00

3x100's on 1:30

I missed hitting the button to unpause my Garmin Swim at the 2nd 100 of the last round.  So I'm guessing I did descend it right.  Maybe not.  That first 200 I felt great.  I went from feeling sluggish for most of the workout to having a very short lived moment of feeling good then started to feel sluggish all over again.  The water temp was great but I was just "meh".

I swam a 100 cool down to get to the magic 2,000.  Just felt I needed to swim that much no matter what.  Just to get a swim in.  Next week I'll swim more as my work scheadule will be a bit easier.  Depending on the hurricane.  SatmtdI only gotta swim 8.900 yards this week.  Hopefully I'll get in plenty of swimming this week.  Sunday I'll swim at least 2,000 yards before work.  No swimming on Monday with work and all that.  Tuesday and Wednesday are up in the air due to weather/hurricane.  Will swim Thursday so that'll be 3,000 yards.  Friday I'll swim again and that's it.  I will get to 150 Miles Year To Date even if I have to swim in the hurricane! 


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