Team USA - Swimming with Gwen Jorgensen
Cullen Jones shows off hardware

Wednesday's Swim Report - In Swimming It's All About The Timing Oh And The Sponsors

Lane 1 - ESPN posts "Swimmers seek better exposure outside the Olympics.  Swimming doesn't have an established worldwide circuit, so the biggest chance its athletes have to be in the spotlight is at the games. Some top competitors feel it's time to capitalize on the window of opportunity Phelps' success and the games created."

Lane 2 - Omega posts via youtube "A Journey with Time.  One of the challenges facing OMEGA at each edition of the Olympic Games is the transport of some 400 tons of equipment from our home in Switzerland to the host city. This video, with narration by OMEGA Timing Board Member Peter Hürzeler, follows the timekeeping devices and dedicated scoreboards as they are moved by road, rail and sea to London for installation at the historic and purpose-built venues where the London 2012 Olympic Games are being contested."

Lane 3 - AT&T posts via youtube "AT&T's 24-Hour Olympic Challenge.  The AT&T team reveals how they make their Olympic Games commercials in close to real time."

Lane 4 - TMZ posts "Ryan Lochte. Pimped Out & Razor Sharp.  The 11-time Olympic medalist 0807-ryan-lochte-gillettte-2tweeted a pic of the new blinged-out shaving set gifted to him by one of his biggest sponsors and wrote, "U gotta hand it to @Gillette for getting me my own personally gold plated and diamond encrusted razor. #jeah"

Lane 5 - CBS Chicago posts "What Do Olympic Heroes Do After They Retire?  After all, you can’t just pitch Subway sandwiches forever."

Lane 6 - CNBC posts "Sponsors Keep US Olympian Natalie Coughlin Afloat.  Coughlin won a gold medal, two silver medals and three bronze medals in Beijing. She was not Phelpsian, but she was successful. A smaller handful of companies joined existing sponsors to offer sponsorships to Coughlin. These sponsorships were modest, especially when compared to those given to Phelps, but they enabled Coughlin to continue doing what she had been good at for 20 years."

Lane 7 - Fox Sports posts via youtube "Horrow: Banks vital in Olympic sponsorship.  FOX Sports News Analyst Rick Horrow explains the winning combination of banks involved in Olympic sponsorship."

Lane 8 - posts (w/audio) "How much for this gold-winning Olympian? ,  Kai Ryssdal: For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over NBC's broadcast strategy for the Olympics, tape-delaying all the good stuff into primetime -- turns out it might have worked. There's been buzz the past couple of days that what looked like a $200 million loss for NBC on the Games, could be break even or even a small profit. And wealth creation extends to the athletes too. Evan Morgenstein is president and CEO of PMG Sports. He's been a sports agent for more than 15 years. That means he's one of the people helping turn Olympic gold medalists into pitchmen for Nikes and Wheaties."

BONUS:  Powerade posts via youtube "Deportes Olímpicos Powerade: Clavados.  En los Juegos Olímpicos, México se ha destacado en clavados: de un total de 60 medallas, 13 se han conseguido en esta disciplina. Aprende más sobre clavados junto a Sergio y Powerade."


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