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I'm Not Crazy Just Going A Little Postal In The Water

Eat, Spin, Eat, Nap, Swim…

This morning I taught spinning at 5:45, oy!  I actually stayed up a bit late last night to watch Honey Boo Boo!  After class this morning I came home, ate and took a short nap.  Then it was swim time!  Uh, yeah?

450 Warm up.  Should have done a 500 but meh.
200 Kick (650)
Hmm…some drill stuff.  300 yards. (950)

300 Sprinting or picking up the pace on laps 3, 6, 9 and 12. (1250)

Main Set - 8x125's
100 Working on setting technique and breathing every 3 on 1:45 / 25 Sprint on 25 (950/2200)

4x100's Kick stroke of choice (400/2600)
6x75's - 25 Drill / 25 Free / 25 Sprint.  The drill and sprint were choice stroke.  I did the first one fly then the rest back.  (450/3050)
Then it was some 50's and 25's.  About 650 more yards.  (3,700)

So a total of 3,700 yards for today.  The main mission of today's workout was working on our freestyle techinque.  Setting it then keeping with it while going fast.  Something I need to learn to do.  SepteSo far for the month I'm at least over 30K.  I might be lucky and get to 35K but I doubt that.  Work will get in it's way.  I'm teaching a weight lifting class tonight so I'm thinking of sleeping in tomorrow.  No swimming.  Actually may use tomorrow as a recovery day.  I teach spinning 5 days a week so I need to squeeze in swimming and recovery.  It's getting me in great shape but boy do I hurt some days.  Today was one of them.  So if I sleep in tomorrow then do a quick easy swim before I teach on Saturday that won't be much yardage but come Sunday I will do a Garbage Yardage swim to eek out some more yards.  Speaking of Sunday's a swimmer mate and I are thinking about doing a Postal.  I couldn't find the info on the the website but it's a 200 Fly / 400 IM / 1650 Free all to be swum the same day back to back.  It's doable.  Long and boring but doable.  We are thinking of organizing a few of us and doing it.  Right now it's just CRAZY TALK!


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