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So Many Things To Think About When Swimming, It's Like Being A Marine's Biologist.

OY! Well at least I got a swim in is officially official my motto.  I was able to get in a swim in between teaching 3 spinning classes today.  My first class was at 5:45am.  OY!  Came home, ate and took a 5 Tuesminute nap!  I used my time at home to review a new dvd "release" of our spin class (Group Ride.)  Trying to learn as many songs as possible as I'm getting sick of the same releases that I already know.  So then it was time to practice at 10am.

It's Tuesday so it was my lane line day.  Before we swim it's an Aqua Fitness Class so we gotta put the lane lines in.  So the first 100 is me doing the lanes.  Then I did a 450 swim/pull.  (550)

200 Kick w/fins (750)

6x50's I think it was 1 Finger Fist drill going down and catch up coming back.  (300/1050)  I stand corrected.  It was 25 underwater kick/ 25 1 finger fist.

400 (NOT 350 Garmin Watch)  It was 25 Fist Drill / 25 Catch Up / 50 Swim (400/1450)

2x200's 100 Catch Up / 100 Swim on 3:10 (400/1850)   2:37.9 &  2:39.9

100s8x100's  - 4 on 1:35 then 4 on 1:30 30 seconds rest in between.  The first 4 with fins (I opted not to use them) and the second 4 with paddles and fins (I just used paddles.)  I pretty much swam them around the same pace.  That 1:16 ws me forgetting to hit the button on my watch.  The 6th one may have been the same thing.  Hard to stop the button with paddles or just remembering.  Hell, I'm lucky I start it half the time.  (800/2650)

Hmm...breathing every 3.  Was it 50's or just a 200?  Doh!  Well le't just add in the 200 then the last 200 was kick.  (400/3050)

Not bad I guess for an hour.  I gotta eat and get back to work.  Teaching at 2pm and 5:45pm.  I gotta buy new spin sneakers as I lost mine over the weekend.  Left them at the hotel and shockingly the cleaning staff didn't find any around!  Doh!  So I'm out another 100 bucks. for swimming I really don't know when I'll swim again.  Maybe tomorrow, just maybe in the morning.  I don't know how I'll feel after teaching 3 spin classes and swimming today.  Thursday is a no go as I'm teaching at 5:45am, 9:30am, 2pm and 5:45pm.   People are on vacation so I'm filling in as much as I can.  Gotta pay for those new sneakers some how. 

Now to bitch a bit.  After swimming in a great pool at Georgia Tech with wave stopping lane lines, deep gutters and just a deep pool to absorb the waves it was really hard to swim today.  I'm glad to be able to swim here but jeez the pool sucks.  It's like 31/2 ft to about 41/2 feet.  Lane lines are basically the cheapest ones available.  And the gutters are not really gutters.  So it's like swimming in the ocean with waves.  I really felt it today.  It was a tough go for me today.  I think some of my new bad swim habits are based on the choppiness of the water.  I bob more then ever.  I can actually feel some pain from my over compensating for the waves.  I'm only typing this so I can look for it or feel  for it in my future swims.  Mostly when I type things on here it's to cement them in my mind.  So hopefully I'll learn from today's swim.  The coach once again was telling me that my arms swing way out and no high elbows.  Funny cuz' I really think I was swimming with high elbows.  I made a note of it mentally and was sneaking in some finger tip drag while swimming into the walls to get a feel for the high elbow. 


I read your blog, i like the way you represent the necessary things be in mnd while swimming. thanks for sharing this with us.

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