Saturday's Swim Report - Nevermind the 17th man She is the 6th man!

Joel's Scenes from Siesta Key Open Water Swim

I don't know my results yet cuz' I'm an idiot.  So let's look at the pictures and I'll post a recap maybe later of the actually swim.  All I can say is that I'm sticking to pool fishes! 17thman_swimOf course I had a sparkle pink swim suit with the17thman accross my ass from the good folks at SplishSo then it was up very very early this morning to drive down to Siesta Key.  We left at 4am.  Check in starteded at 6:15am.  Another reason to stop swimming open water swimming is the start time.  Who the hell wasnt to be up and checking in anywhere at 6:15am?  When I woke up at 3am I kept thinking how 3am use to be the time I use to get home on a Saturday morning! Joel_chipThen we got tagged or chipped.  Pretty cool little thing.  I guess it worked.  After swimming the race I didn't notice a clock.  Not that it matters cuz' I have no idea when we started.  The race was in waves with the 1K then the 5K then later on us middlers the 2.5K'ers were off. Siesta_key_beachThe beach was beautiful.  I took this picture when it was still mostly dark.  Sorta fuzzy.  But it was a great beach and morning even if it was too early.  When it's too early, What time is it? Joel_siestaWho is that stud with 216 on him?  Oh why that's the very old the17thman hanging out before the morning swim.


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