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Thursday's Swim Report - Princess Of The Pool #Swimtastic

Almost But Not Yet My Last Swim Workout...

I was about to write my swimming obituary with this workout post but I've decided to Keep Calm And Swim On!  Right now with my work schedule my swimming has been limited.  Starting next week I'll be teaching two spin classes back 2 back at 5:45am & 7:00am which means not much rest Thursdabefore 10am swim practice.  I was about to pack it in for swimming but I'm going to attempt to swim.  I'll just have to take it easy at first in the pool to I can get use to the morning work load. 

As for today teaching only the 5:45am class was hard enough for me in the pool.  Warm up was me pulling a 500 only using paddles for the last 150.  I think using the paddles messes up the Garmin Swim count as it counted it as a 525 but later on doing 8x25's cooling down it counted those as 175.  Guess it balances out.  After the 500 we did a 200 kick then 3x100's (25 - Swim/Kick/Pull/Build.) (1000)

Main Set:

Oh it was a good one.  I was liking this and feeling pretty good for a change.

2x200's on 3:20 or was it 3:10

2x150's on 2:10 or was it 2:20

2x100's on 1:40

1    2:24.2    
2    2:17.4    
3    1:45.5
4    1:41.9    
5    1:09.7    
6    1:06.4   

It was descending in each set.  Times were okay for old me but good for new me.  Actually during these workouts I feel pretty good during the free part.  It's after the main set that I fall to shit!  (900/1900)

10x50's Free on 60 Easy 25 / Sprint 25 (500/2400)

Stroke Time - I did a 50 kick and took a pee break.  It was to be a 200 Kick.  Hey, old habits plus now I have an excuse.  My legs are my moneymakers!  Teach 7 spin classes a week which will now be 9 classes a weeks! (50/2450)

10x50's Stroke on 60 Drill 25 / Sprint 25.  I alternated fly/back.  (500/2950)

2x50's FAST Stroke on 3 Minutes.  I did these fly.  (100/3050)

8x25's on 45 Stroke and Free.  I used these as my cool down (200/3250)  And that was it.  Teaching one spin class before ride is tough.  Two is going to be killer.  But I'm going to try it.  I just wont get my 20 - 30 minute morning power nap.  Oh well.

Month    Total Distance
Jan    26.14 miles (=46,000 yards, =42,062 meters)
Feb    21.68 miles (=38,150 yards, =34,884 meters)
Mar    19.36 miles (=34,075 yards, =31,158 meters)
Apr    14.29 miles (=25,150 yards, =22,997 meters)
May    18.67 miles (=32,853 yards, =30,041 meters)
Jun    11.16 miles (=19,650 yards, =17,968 meters)
Jul    17.97 miles (=31,625 yards, =28,918 meters)
Aug    21.08 miles (=37,100 yards, =33,924 meters)
Sep    17.59 miles (=30,950 yards, =28,301 meters)
Oct    15.91 miles (=28,009 yards, =25,611 meters)
Total    183.84 miles (=323,562 yards, =295,865 meters)

At this point the only thing I can say about my swimming... Il_fullxfull.196463588


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