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It's almost embarrassing these days to log my swim workouts.  Not only am I barely swimming due to work but when I do swim my swims are sad little swims.  It's not getting any better.  I will admit that not swimming on Sunday was all my fault.  I was beat.  I went to bed early, didn't drink any alcohol but when I woke up I just didn't want to do anything so I went back to bed and slept a total of 11 Sortaworkuthours.   That was Sunday as for Monday I teach spinning at 8:15am and 6:30pm.  I should squeeze in a swim workout in the afternoon but I didn't.  So even after teaching at 5:45am this morning I made myself hit the 10am swim practice.  I didn't want to but I made it.  I only swam for 60 minutes and not the 75-90 minutes we do.  My legs were cramping up so I gave up.

Being Tuesday it was my day for lane lines so I did a 100 (not a 75.  the watch recorded only the 75 cuz' I forgot to start the watch.)  Then I pulled a 500.  Don't know why the Garmin Swim recorded a 525.  So a 600 yard warm up.

3x100's Kick with 20 seconds rest (300/900)

4x100's (ignore that 800 I f'ed up the watch) on 1:50 Swim/Kick/Pull/Build (400/1300)

300 Swim but picking up the pace on laps 3, 6, 9 and 12.  (300/1600)

6x100's on 1:40 Descending in groups of 2. 

According to my watch (which isn't accurate cuz' I gotta manually stop the button) my times were:

1    1:09.6    
2    1:10.0    
3    1:07.6    
4    1:07.1    
5    1:06.1    
6    1:06.5   

Know I know that 5th one I saw a 05 on the digital clock.  But whatever.  (600/2200)

12x50's with paddles easy down / fast back on 50 (600/2800)  The watch recorded a 550 cuz' I forgot to start the clock.  Since I had paddles on I also didn't stop in between 50's I just let the clock run it's course.

The all I got in was a 75 butterfly kick before my legs were done with me.  (75/2875)  So 2,875 yards in for today.  But at least I swam.  Which hasn't been much for me this Swimtober as seen on my usms flog Swimtober
4.07 miles (=24,759 yards, =22,640 meters) so far for the month.  Tisk!  Tisk!  This is were I'd normally give myself a goal for the rest of the month but alas I will not this time.  Work comes first despite what I want to believe.  I'll just swim when I can.  Me no likey! 


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