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Ode To The Old Tech Suit On A Cold Florida Day

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...that is how I feel about my tech suit.  I love it for so many reasons.  But since it's now banned I love it for it's warmth on a cold afternoon swim.  It's 57F which ain't cold but with high winds it's a bit brisk outside.  Cold enough for me to break out the old tech suit B70 and for the first time ever I wore a swimcap!  I am a cold weather wimp!  Another great thing Swimtodayabout the old B70 is that it's like wearing compression leggings.  Something I needed today.  I've been busy out of the water teaching 4 spinning classes on Monday with 3 of them all in a row.  Then this morning I had two spinning classes in a row at 5:45 and then 7am.  Swim practice is at 10am so I dont' have much time to rest and recover.  Who knows how long I'll be able to keep it all up.  But at least for today I was able to swim and do sorta okay.  I think the B70 helped!

I actually swam extra for warmup since it was so cold I didn't want to stop and hang out.  I started off putting in the lane lines so got in a 100.  Then I did a 550 warm up.  The damn watch has it at 575.  I don't get that Garmin Swim!  Then some kick for another 200 yards.  (850)  Then 6x50's with fins (kick down/1 finger drill coming back)  (300/1150)  Finishing up with 3x100's (1 Finger, catch up, pace, faster)  (300/1450) 

Main Set:

8x150's on 2:45 (I think)  It was 50 Catch Up, 50 Pace, 50 Fast.

   Time    Distance Avg Pace
1    1:52.6     150     1:15
2    1:52.1     150     1:15
3    1:48.1     150     1:12
4    1:51.2     150     1:14
5    1:47.4     150     1:12
6    1:43.8     150     1:09
7    1:39.4     125     1:20

I know 1 is my fault since I forgot to start the watch but I don't know why it only registerd a 125 at the end.  I was feeling pretty good during this set.  I was really pushing myself at the end.  (1200/2650)

Stroke Time - I got in a 150 kick.  I had to take a pee break and stretch out the legs.  I started to feel a cramp coming on.  (150/2800)  Then we did 6x75's Drill/Free/Swim on 1:45.  I did them fly/back/fly/back/fly and fly.  (450/3250)  Then it was almost time to finish so we did 8x25's Free on 60 (200/3450) and then lastly 8x25's on 60 2 of each stroke.  (200/3650)  And that was it.  Done and done! Niineninenine
Nine swims in 30 days isn't much swimming.  I'm hoping to be able to wake up and go swimming tomorrow morning before work.  But I doubt it.  Just a swim just so I can get in a swim.  I am most likely going to miss workout on this Thursday and I know the following Thursday I won't make it.  Oh well, it is what it is.


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