Team USA - Tony Azevedo in Training - B-Roll Package
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea History Is Celebrated at New Fantasyland Event

Sunday's Swim Report - The Passion of The Swim

Lane 1 - NBC Latino posts "One of the hottest acts in Hollywood: The swimming troupe Aqualillies.  In a beautiful combination of ballet and swimming, a group of synchronized swimmers known as the Aqualillies will make anyone believe in the magic of mermaids."

Lane 2 - Garmin posts "Ben Collins on Garmin Swim: Sleek, simple and so much more.  Garmin athlete Ben Collins began participating in triathlons as a hobby in 2005. Collins found immediate success in the sport and quickly rose to the top of the amateur ranks – placing first overall in the Amateur Worlds Championships in 2007. In 2008, Collins began racing professionally and has racked up impressive results around the world. Here he shares his first impressions of Garmin's new swim-specific watch."

Lane 3 - The Australian posts "Stephanie Rice says she now has to watch her weight.  Swimming's 515930-stephanie-riceglamour girl has found it's not so easy keeping trim when not training full time.  Having recently relocated to Sydney, the Olympic champion has piled on the weight since competing in the London Games.  "I'm having to work a lot harder at watching my weight now," she tells Insider."

Lane 4 - NZ Week posts "Banned swimmer criticizes Cielo doping case.  Brazil’s disgraced former swimmer Rebeca Gusmao has criticized perceived double standards in the 2011 doping case surrounding compatriot Cesar Cielo.  Gusmao, given a lifetime ban in 2008 after testing positive to anabolic steroids, questioned the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) decision not to punish the former Olympic champion after he tested positive to the banned substance furosemide."

Lane 5 - The Red & Black posts " PHOTO GALLERY: UGA vs. FL Swim and Dive Meet.  The University of Georgia swim and dive team competed against the University of Florida Gators on 508ab8fd9f313.imageThursday, October 25, 2012, in Athens, Ga. The meet was split with the Lady Bulldogs winning alongside the Florida men's team."

Lane 6 - Vanity Fair posts "Princess Charlene of Monaco: The Princess Grace Foundation Inspired My Own Swim Charity.  “Because I’m very passionate about swimming, and teaching children to swim, I’ve drawn the inspiration from this to put back into a sport that I love very much,” Princess Charlene continued. The former Olympic athlete noted the importance of water safety for children. “The awareness of the need to learn to swim, which is very important. I’m not saying I want kids to go to the Olympic Games, but to maybe give an opportunity to those that are not able to get to facilities.”  And she clearly is passionate about the subject. “You know, I can teach an 18-month-old toddler to swim,” Charlene said. These days, she swims four times per week, in the sea. And she laughed when we asked if her husband’s swimming has improved since they met. “He needs his backstroke!” Princess Charlene said."

Lane 7 - Innovation For Endurance posts via youtube "Ryan Lochte: What's In Your Fridge, Ryan? - Nissan Innovation for Endurance.  Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte shares the foods and drinks he uses to fuel his training and race performance, including his favorite Friday night meal tradition since he was 8 years old.  For more innovations in running, cycling, and fitness, join the Nissan Innovation for Endurance community on Facebook, where you can enter to win one of our weekly prizes or an all-new Nissan car!"

Lane 8 - Indian Country posts "Native Americans Swim From Alcatraz to San Francisco To Inspire Healthy Change.  After six days of training, on October 8, a dozen Native Americans made the 1.2-mile swim from Alcatraz to the San Francisco shore—a challenging feat in the chilly, 50- to 60-degree water and rough Bay currents. Tribal representatives from Alaska, Washington and California participated in this year’s program."


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