The R2D2 Swimsuit Strikes Back
Tuesday's Swim Report - The Swimming Euphoria

Swim'en To Distraction

I haven't swum since last Thursday and boy did I feel it.  It felt like I hadn't been swimming in months.  Really it was that bad today swimming.  Never mind just not swimming but I will admit to not treating my body well and let's face it I'm not getting any younger.  It all fell together today and I fell apart.  I did teach spinning last night and then this morning and my legs felt a bit crampy at times.  But the swimming was all over the place.  Took me most of the workout to feel warmed up and ready to swim.  But by then I was tired.  On top of that I kept getting distracted in thought.  Unimportant things kept drifting in and out of my head.  None of it had anything to do with swimming.  It was my mind wandering of things I cannot change. 

As for the swim…
Warmed Up starting with a 100 of me putting in the lane lines then a 450 pull/swim warm up.  Then 3x100's kick.  (850)

6x50's Breathing 5/3 by 25 on 50.(300/1150)

500 Swim stretched out breathing every 3. (500/1650)
Distance:     500 yd
Pool Length:     25 yd
Time:     6:46
Avg Pace:     1:21 min/100 yd

Rest3 Rounds of 4x100's.  Round 1 on 1:30 / Round 2 on 1:40 / Round 3 on 1:50.  Descending.  I messed up with the watch as it only reads 11x100's.  (1200/2850)
Interval Time  Distance Avg Pace
1    1:22.2     100     1:22
2    1:22.2     100     1:22
3    1:18.3     100     1:18
4    1:19.3     100     1:19
5    1:15.7     100     1:16
6    1:14.3     100     1:14
7    1:15.2     100     1:15
8    1:13.1     100     1:13
9    1:11.2     100     1:11
10    1:09.0     100     1:09
11    1:08.0     100     1:08
Not great but okay.  As you can see in the graphic that rest part must have been when I f'ed up the watch.

After that is was easy stuff...sorta.

200 Kick.  (200/3050)

6x75's IM dropping worst stroke (breaststroke) on 1:20 (450/3500)

3 Rounds 4x25's.  1 Drill / 1 Catch Up Drill / 1 Pace / 1 Sprint (300/3800)

8x25's something something something and that was it.  Oh yeah, stroke!  Long and easy on the odds and sprint on the evens.  Did them all butterfly.  (200/4000)

And that was it.  A 4,000 yard workout.  It was a wake up call for me.  To shape up or ship out.  I can't keep pushing my body and not taking care of it.  After today's swim I'm a bit worried about the 2.5K Open Water Swim this weekend.  And then the swim meet the following weekend.  Oy!  This isn't going to be pretty.


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