Monday's Swim Report - The Battle or The Swim Race of The Sexes

Swimtember In The Rearview Mirror

Swimtember is over and now it's Swimtober Time!  Before looking back let's look ahead to Swimtober.  I got a few events here in Florida lined up with the first being a 2.5K Open Water Swim down in Siesta Key.  Last year I swam the 1K and didn't actually hate Open Water Swimming.  It was my one and only OW.  Now I'm back for round two and kicking it up to the 2.5K.  Then after that I'm doing a SCM meet down in Orlando.  I signed up for all three days but it looks like I'll be skipping Friday and the 1500.  But it looks like Saturday and Sunday are a go.  I did sandbag my times since last year I slowed up in all my events I added even more time since I'm going slow up this year as well.  Getting old and all that shit.

8     Male     1500 SCM     Free     20:00.00     10/12/2012
18     Male     200 SCM     Fly     2:35.00     10/13/2012
24     Male     400 SCM     Free     4:40.00     10/13/2012
38     Male     100 SCM     Fly     1:13.00     10/13/2012
42     Male     800 SCM     Free     10:00.00     10/14/2012
52     Male     200 SCM     Breast     2:25.00     10/14/2012
58     Male     200 SCM     IM     3:00.00     10/14/2012

I may not even swim fast enough to earn these sandbagged times.  Oy!  Now as for Swimtember...

My Progress for Go The Distance 2012
Month    Total Distance
Jan    26.14 miles (=46,000 yards, =42,062 meters)
Feb    21.68 miles (=38,150 yards, =34,884 meters)
Mar    19.36 miles (=34,075 yards, =31,158 meters)
Apr    14.29 miles (=25,150 yards, =22,997 meters)
May    18.67 miles (=32,853 yards, =30,041 meters)
Jun    11.16 miles (=19,650 yards, =17,968 meters)
Jul    17.97 miles (=31,625 yards, =28,918 meters)
Aug    21.08 miles (=37,100 yards, =33,924 meters)
Sep    17.59 miles (=30,950 yards, =28,301 meters)
Total    167.93 miles (=295,553 yards, =270,254 meters)

I never did get around to swimming Friday, Saturday or Sunday!  I sound like a broken record here in saying "at least I swam."  Cuz' really I am lucky to have a pool less than 5 minutes away from home.  And if I didn't swim I really would have lost my mind, well more so.


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