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Thursday's Swim Report - Swimming For Education

These Legs Are Not Made For Swimming

I know I've been yapping on for years about how much I hate kicking.  Kicking is my time to take a pee break or just hang by the wall and soak up some sun.  But now that I teach spinning my legs hate Thurskicking more then I do.  Yesterday I taught 4 spin classes and then this morning I taught 1 more before going to swim.   So needless to say I didn't want to kick and my legs couldn't kick.  Besides the kicking the workout was just a waste of time for me.  I really wasn't in the mood.  Tired mostly.  I was able to get a 20 minute nap between spinning and swimming.  But not enough.  At least I was smart enough NOT to drink any wine last night.  Oy!

For warmup I pulled a 500.  Then we did a 300 kick.  It was stomach/back/side and repeat.  Then we did 3x100's something, something and something more.  Crap, I had it on the tip of my tongue before typing the stomach/back/side.  On well the warm up was 1,100 yards total.

4x200's 100 Catch Up / 100 Swim.  I forgot the interval.  (800/1,900)

Interval  Time  Distance  Avg Pace
1    2:39.7     200     1:20
2    2:40.1     200     1:20
3    2:43.0     200     1:21
4    2:36.7     200     1:18

10x50's 1 Easy / 1 Fast.  (500/2,400)

Then 3x100's kick choice.   (300/2,700)

5x100's 25 Drill Stroke / 25 easy free / 25 Fast Stroke / 25 easy free.  I did them fly/back/fly/back/fly (500/3,200)

Meh then some sprints of some sort then drill stuff.  I don't remember.  It's a blur.  (500/3,700)

So that's 3,700 yards.  And no more swimming or classes.  Yeah!  I'm beat.  I am registered to swim a meet this weekend but I'm doubting I'm going to make it.  May just eat the entry cost and relax.  I don't know if I can swim fast both mentally and physically.  It's just too much. GtdAnd that is it till next time...


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