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Saturday's Swim Report - The Wobble and Why It's The 5th Stroke In IM

When Scratching Is A Good Thing!

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!  With a million excuses but a really good one I decided not to swim at this weekends SCM meet.  Yesterday was the 1,500 which I scratched then today I just skipped.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  When I entered I wanted to swim just to get a feeling for how I'm swimming and what shape I'm in.  But as the meet got closer the less I wanted to swim it.  So big deal I skipped the meet and am out the entry fee.  That and I took time off from work so I'm out some money.  But it's all good.  But since I didn't swim at a meet today I was able to make a swim practice.  Normally I teach at Sat10am spinning so I can't swim but today since I already got coverage for my class I headed to the pool. 

I guess with a few folks at the meet the workout was sparse in attendance so I helped put in a few lane lines.  Giving me sorta a 100 in the water.  But with talking once I did start my 500 warm up I forgot to stop and start my Garmin Swim.  So with putting in the lane lines and the warm up I got in 600 yards. 

Since not many people showed up we got to split the workout into groups.  I did the distance free workout.  But before getting to the main set we did 200 Swim / 200 Pull (w/o paddles) / 200 Kick / 200 Swim (800/1400)

Main Set:

400 Breathing every 3 on 6:30

4x100's Descending on 1:40

300 Breathing every 3 on 4:30(?)

3x100's Descending on 1:45

200 Breathing every 3 on

4x50's Descending on 50

100 Breating every 3 (ha!  i sorta tried that but needed oxygen) on

2x50's Descending on 1:00

So that was it.  How did it go?  Meh!

Interval  Time  Distance  Avg Pace
1    5:32.7     400     1:23
2    1:17.8     100     1:18
3    1:15.9     100     1:16
4    1:14.7     100     1:15
5    1:10.4     100     1:10
6    3:59.2     300     1:20
7    1:15.3     100     1:15
8    1:11.5     100     1:12
9    1:09.2     100     1:09
10    2:41.6     200     1:21
11    :37.4     50     1:15
12    :34.9     50     1:10
13    :37.3     50     1:15
14    :35.3     50     1:11
15    1:21.3     100     1:21
16    :36.2     50     1:12
17    :33.8     50     1:08

Mind  you those times aren't exact.  Sometimes I had to remember to start or stop the watch.  But it's a rough estimate for me to see how I"m swimming.  Which isn't very fast.  (2000/3400)

We then did 6x75's pulling on 1:10.  Can't remember if they were anything specific.  I think maybe catch up was in there.  Meh, whatever.  (450/3850)

8x25's on 30 1 - 3 Right Arm / 3 Left Arm, 2 - catch up, 3 - pace and 4 sprint.  Repeat.  (200/4,050)

Okay not bad.  4,050 yards.  So this makes three workouts in one week.  Which is good for me of late.  With work I'm swimming a lot less then I like.  As for tomrorow it looks like another scratch day at the swim meet.  I may just go and swim instead.  Also have to get ready for work on Monday.  We have a new routine I need to learn for Monday.  And as always I wait to the last minute to learn it.  Doh!  As for the meet I did see a picture of the pool on Facebook and it looks like it's in a dungeon.  So I'm actually glad I decided not to go.   424588_4772149182141_83340154_nOf course I'm just trying to justify my laziness to myself.  As I was typing this all out it occured to me I entered this meet last year and didn't go.  Oh well I'm just not destined to swim at this pool. 


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