Swim, Don't Bike, Just Swim
Tuesday's Swim Report - Could A Tiger Out Swim A Gator?

Yet Another Craptastic Swim Workout

Oh Yeah!  I just spent a few minutes trying to figure out what I had just swam via my Garmin Swim Watch.  Looking at the main dashboard online I saw what looked like one long crazy workout for today UntitledTuesday.  The only thing that I failed to notice and remember is that I haven't swam a swim practice since last Tuesday, October 2nd and today is Tuesday, October 9th.  Yeah, I'm not that smaht!  With that said...

50 was just me putting in the lanes then just a 300 pull for warm up.  I spent more time talking then swimming.  I really wasn't in the mood to go hard today.  I taught spinning at 5:45 and well I was beat.  Didn't get a power nap in between.  We then did a 200 kick.  So 550 yards.

Hmm...500 something.  It was drilling and swimming.  Maybe 5x100's Right Arm / Left Arm / Kick / Build or something like that.  (500/1050)

Then a 400 Freestyle breathing every 3.  I pulled this without paddles  (400/1450)

10x100's on 1:40.  25 Breathing Every 3 / 25 Easy / 25 Sprint / 25 Easy

1    1:17.5   
2    1:19.9    
3    1:19.8   
4    1:19.9    
5    1:22.7    
6    1:14.4   
7    1:15.2    
8    1:17.6    
9    1:15.5   
10    1:17.3   

Meh.  I was struggling here.  I'd prefer 10x100's pace.  (1000/2550)

6x50's Easy Down / Fast Back.  I used paddles but we could have used paddles with fins. (300/2850)

Stroke Time!  A 150 Kick. (3000) 

6x75's on 1:40 Drill/Kick/Swim.  I did 2 Fly / 2 Back / 2 Fly (450/3450)

Then we did a bunch of 25's.  I think 12 total.  (300/3750)

And that was it.  I felt pretty crappy.  Struggling during this workout.  Not every workout can be a good workout.  Revise againI may revise down my goal for USMS Go The Distance.  I'm once again almost beyond a comeback. 


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