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Gobble Gobble Swim Swim - The Golden Gobble Swim Workout

Let's see what to do on a Thanksgiving morning?  How about a swim workout?  It being a holiday I didn't have to work, yeah!  Yesterday on the other hand I taught 5 spinning (group ride) classes!  OY!  GarminCrazy day!  I should have took today as a recovery day and stayed in bed but a 60 minute workout wouldn't be too bad? 

I was goofing off for most of the warm up time.  Since it was a Holiday it was actually busy at the pool.  I think the Turkey Day Gobble Contest at the end of workout brought everyone out.  Yeah, everyone is a bit crazy around here!  So I got in a 450 warm up before the 200 kick. (750)

Next up 6x50's freestyle swim breathing 5 going down and 3 coming back.  The interval was easy but I dont' remember.  (300/1050)

6x100's on 2:40!  Wow, now that is a gift.  Odds were umm..what's that drill.  Oh yeah catch-up.  Evens were fast.  I guess I didn't press the Garmin Swim pause button hard enough so I didn't get Xmasmy time in the 2 fast one. (600/1650)

1    1:15.8     100     1:16
2    1:06.1     100     1:06
3    1:22.8     100     1:23
4    1:22.1     100     1:22
5    1:05.9     100     1:06

At this point I had no legs anymore.  Just standing in between swimming my legs were shaking.  It was the end of my swimming.  I stayed but really just dragged my legs along.  I pulled a 50. (50/1700)

Hmm...some stroke work.  I think it was 5x50's drill down / fast back.  (250/1950)

4x25's 2 stroke / 2 free (100/2050)

Then 2x25's Turkey Golden Gobble Swim.  Basically doggy paddle, head up and make turkey sounds.  Prizes were awarded I went home empty handed.  But I got in a 2,150 workout.  Better then nothing.  And I got to break out my Santa Clause Splish swimwear!


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