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Sunday's Swim Report - Do Your Aquatic Thing

Remembering When I Considered Myself A Swimmer

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  Sunday is my day!  In that I can sorta sleep in and don't have to work.  Wahoo!  So, I can work out for me as in swimming!  But cuz' it's Sunday it is so hard to get out of Swimbed.  Almost impossible.  So even though I went to bed early last night I hit snooze over and over this morning.  I finally made it to the pool to swim with some mates.  If swimming is what you call what I am doing these days.  It's more like floating then swimming.

I was the first to arrive but not for long.  My Garmin Swim seems not to want to work so I don't really know what I did for a warm up.  A little bit here and a little bit more. 

Main Set:
On a 1:40 interval and second half being faster then the rest.  Luckily I can see my info on my watch so I did:
So I was faster on my second half but nothing to write home about.  (1200)

Oh so now my watch is syncing!

So I did a 150 then a 325?  must be 350.  A 50 and a 0 Yard.  Oh that was a 50 kick but I didn't press drill option on watch so it didn't count.  Then a 50 easy.  650 yards goofing off for warm up.  So 1,850 yard workout.

Main Set Breakdown:
Distance:     1,200 yd
Pool Length:     25 yd
Time:     14:55
Avg Pace:     1:15 min/100 yd
Calories:     244 C
Avg Efficiency :     30
Avg SWOLF :     28

Time:     14:55
Moving Time:     14:55
Elapsed Time:     19:28
Avg Pace:     1:15 min/100 yd
Avg Moving Pace:     1:15 min/100 yd
Best Pace:     1:04 min/100 yd

Avg Strokes:     9 / length
Total Strokes:     437

Interval Time  Distance  Avg Pace
1    1:17.1     100     1:17
2    2:36.4     200     1:18
3    3:51.5     300     1:17
4    3:37.8     300     1:13
5    2:24.8     200     1:12
6    1:07.6     100     1:08 GtdI know I won't reach 250 miles for 2012 but hopefully I can swim at least 9 more miles this year so I can get to 200 miles.  To think I thought that I could easily do 300 miles before realizing that wasn't going to happen.  I'm just so out of shape, swim shape that is!


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