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A swim.  A swim.  It's been a week since my last swim and I really didn't want to swim today.  I am beat and it's only Tuesday.  It's most likely the only swim I'll get in till Sunday, iff I can drag my ass out of bed on Sunday.  In general swimming on Tuesday's is not easy since I teach spinning at 5:45am and then Tuesday7:00am.  I really enjoy the 5:45am class.  And have been doing it for a month.  It's perfect since I can come home eat and rest before swimming at 10am.  Now, I took over teaching the 7:00am class last week from another instructor.  I gotta say it's not going so well since the folks are creatures of habit and don't like change.  The class size is a lot smaller then it use to be.  Also today, I heard some rumblings after class about me so even though I was tired I needed to go burn off some frustration so I went swimming.  Was hoping we would do some fist drill freestyle so I could punch the water but alas I just pushed myself in a few 200's freestyles.

The pool temp is on the rise.  But it didn't feel so bad today.  Maybe cuz' it was a tad chilly in the air.  Luckily the workout wasn't so hard that the heat would get to me.  Wamed up a 450 (100 putting in lane lines / 350 pull.)  Then 300 Kick.  Followed by 3x100's (25 Right Arm / 25 Left Arm / something, something) (1050)

4x200's.  100 Catch Up / 100 Build.  I forgot the interval.  I also forgot to hit the watch to start one of the 200's.  I hate that cuz' if I can't track it then I didn't swim it.  Well I did but don't know how well or fast I went: (800/1850)

1   2:35.1    
2    2:30.3
3    2:26.5   

6x100's.  1st length breath every 5 / 75 build.  Forgot interval.  Doh!  Also forgot to start watch on one of them.

1    1:50.2    
2    1:11.8
3    1:11.9    
4    1:11.6    
5    1:10.2   

Correction I didn't stop it after my 1st 10o and the interval was 1:50. (600/2450)

Stroke stuff.  I know I kicked a 100.  (100/2550)
9x50's on 60 1 Fly/Back, 1 Back/Breast. 1 Breast/Free Repeat.  On the third round I screwed up and did a 50 breast instead of back/breast.  (450/3000)

Then we did some 25's.  Some free with fins going dps then sprint.  Oh I think that was 6x50's.  (300/3300)

Meh, more 25's.  Maybe 4 or 8?  Let's just say another 200 so I can get to 3,500 yards.  That was it.  I'm done, toast, finished...


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