Santa Claus In Florida (1937)
Brrrr...Shirtless Lochte In Snow! Happy Christmas from Innovation For Endurance

12/25 - A Holiday Cherrished Moment of The Lost Swim & The Found Running Sock

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho!  Despite being a bit umm. filled with Holiday Spirit from last night I woke up and decided to go swimming.  Unfortunately I have no proof of my swim as I've lost the swim workout when I had to reboot my computer mid sync.  But I did swim 1,225 yards.  I walked to the other end of the pool and warmed up a 225.  Then kicked a 100.  Then 4x100's pulling w/o paddles on 130.  Then 4x100's IM on 1:45 and warmed down a 100.  Making for a 1,225 yard swim.

That was it.  I came home and quickly ate a banana before heading out for a run.  I had to search high and low to find my running tights.  It was a bit chilly out.  Then I decided to wear a long sleeve running shirt.  I grabbed the orange one I last wore on Halloween 2011 for Aquaman.  Well after I put in on I wondered why I had one shoulder pad?  Shoulder pad?  It turned out to be one of my favorite socks.  I never tossed out the other one cuz' I still hoped they'd reunite some day.  And today they did.  It was my little running christmas miracle. RunningI only ran 2.5 miles to celebrate the 25th of the month of December.  So that's it.  I got in my holiday workouts.  I've now have ran 498 runs using Nike+.  I'm going to fit 2 more runs in this year to finish up my 500th run in 2012.


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