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200 Miles in 2012!

Brrr...48F air / 78F pool!  Chilly morning to be swimming.  But with all my non-swimming days I just gotta swim.   I pulled an old swim workout the coach gave me sometime ago and headed to the pool.  MondSince it was chilly not many people showed up so we all had our own lanes.   

The workout I pulled was from June of 2011.  Figured it was a good swim for me as I'm easing my way back into the pool.  Also this workout was one of our Wednesday swims when we would go down to Leesburg and swim.  Those at the time were my more challenging workouts.  Mind you swimming is challenging enough for me these days.  I'm outta swim shape.  Anywho...

Warm Up a 500 I must not have saved it on the Garmin Swim. (500)

4X75's Kick on 1:30 (300/800)

3x100's w/ fins swim/kick/pull/build on 2:00 (300/1100)

4x175's on 3 minutes catch-up on the odd lengths (700/1800)

6x100's on 2 minutes - long stroke odd 100's push the even 100's.  I guess I didn' save this on the watch once again.  Damn it!  Have I mentioned on the Garmin Swim is a piece of rubish?  And I created a custom screen which was perfect for 100's as it would show my last 100 split and a running clock.  But poof!  It's gone.  (600/2400)

200 easy pull (800/2600)

Then I called off the last and final set.  Mostly cuz' I started to talk to some folks in between the 50's and just gave up.  4x50's w/ fins odds easy / evens fast.  (200/2800)

So 2,800 yards this morning.  Which isn't much but alas I'm swimming which I haven't been doing much of.  MonthAs you can see I hardly even swim and this was the longest swim of the month.  I'm going to force myself to swim Christmas morning, Saturday morning for a short workout and Sunday.  Then it's over for 2012! 200Now will not make my original goal of 300 miles in 2012 or the revised 250 miles but at least I got in 200 Miles. 

So far in 2012 I've swum 353,512 yards!  That is less then last year but more then 2010.

2011 - 461,625 yards
2010 - 351,750 yards

Of course 2010 was a year in which I took several weeks and months off, moved cross country and was training to run the LA Marathon in March then continued to train for the 2011 Disney Marathon so I was running more then swimming.  I'll be doing a full swim down report in another week. 

But hey I'm tied with last month's yardage so I'm getting back in the swim of things -

Nov 7.47 miles (=13,150 yards, =12,024 meters)
Dec 7.47 miles (=13,150 yards, =12,024 meters)


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