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Wednesday's Swim Report - Charlotee's Ultimate Swimdown #Berens vs #Marsh

Another Failed Attempt To Get Back On The Horse Called Swimming

I went to bed early after finishing up watching Season 1 of Downtown Abbey.  I know I'm so late to that party.  Anyways I went to bed early with plans of swimming this morning.  Just another swim to slowly get back into swim and chip away at my Go The Distance swims.  I had every intention of swimming with some swim mates but this morning I knew that I wouldn't be able to do that.  So I decided to just swim on my own at the other end of the pool.  Wherewed
The above chart is far from complete.  In fact some mysteries have popped up or vanished into thin air.  It really is a case for The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.  What isn't a mystery are the cycling reports since I am bad at using my Wahoo Fitness App and Heart Rate Monitor.  Sometimes I forget to turn on the app to get my heart rate while teaching.  It's on my iPhone using the Wahoo Fitness app and the Bluetooth HR Monitor.  After I'm done I can sync my workout to various websites like Garmin, Daily Mile, Runkeeper and others.  Sometimes I remember to use it and other times I forget to sync the workouts.  As for the mystery it's all my swims.  I finally got the Garmin Swim to sync but oddly the set I deleted or thought I deleted from yesterday popped up while today's workout vanished.  Hmmm...interesting.  And bad cuz' I really was just randomly swimming today. And since I did sync today the workout is gone from my watch. 

Warmed Up

200 Swim

200 Pull w/d-band no paddles

200 Pull w/d-band and paddles

200 Kick

So an 800 Warm Up

Main Set: (this was pulling with the toys)

2x50's on 45 (100)

2x75's on 1:15 (150/250)

2x100's on 1:30 (200/450)

2x125's on 2:00 (250/700)

Did I make it to the 150's?  Damn let me try to remember.  I did then the set earlier then I had hoped.  I wanted to do 2z150's, 2x200's then a 400 and call it a day.  But I was feeling sorta crampy on my side so decided to stop early.  Oh yeah I did stop at the 125's cuz' I remember I was at 1,500 yards.  So that was it.  Another attempted swim.  I hope to swim on Friday but I doubt it.  Tomorrow I think I'm subbing the 9:30 spin class so that'll be 3 morning spin classes.  Oy!  So no swimming.  With the holiday I have Monday and Tuesday off from work.  With that I gotta plan on which days I can swim which could be 5 days in a row which I know is too much right now for me.  Gotta plan it out.  Maybe take Saturday off since I do teach spinning at 10am.  GtdInch by Inch or Yard by Yard I'm closing in on 200 Miles! 


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